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Construction industry acronyms - C

This article presents a list of construction industry acronyms beginning with 'C'. For other letters go to the main alphabet list.

[edit] C

C - Cill Height

C to C - Centre to Centre

C&D - Construction and Demolition

C/C - Centre to Centre

c/o - Care Of

CA - Certifying authority

CA - Confidentiality Agreement

CA - Consultancy Agreement

CA - Contract Administrator

CAA - Conservation Area Audit

CAA - Clean Air Act

CAB - Cabinet

CABE - Chartered Association of Building Engineers

CABE - Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (See Design Council)

CAC - Conservation Area Consent

CAD - Computer Aided Design

CADD - Computer Aided Design and Draughting

CAE - Computer Aided Engineering

CAFM - Computer Aided Facility Management

CAGR - Compound Annual Growth Rate

CAI - Cold Air Intake

CAI - Contract Administrator's Instructions

CAM - Computer Aided Manufacturing

CAN - Contract Award Notice

CAPEX - Capital Expenditure

CAPS - Computer aided planning system

CAT - Cable Avoidance Tool

Cat - Category (i.e. Cat 6 Cable)

CATS - Credit Award Transfer System

CAV - Constant Air Volume.

CAWR - Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations

CAWS - Common Arrangement of Work Sections

CAZ - Central Activities Zone

CBCA - Chilled Beams and Ceilings Association

CBDM - Climate Based Daylight modelling

CBF - Close Boarded Fence

CBI - Confederation of British Industry

CBO - Community Based Organisation

CBP - Construction best practice

CBR - California bearing ratio

CBW - Concrete Block Wall

CC - Centre to Centre

CC - Clear Coat (paint)

CC - Compliance Criteria

CC - Construction Confederation

CC - Contractor Client

CCC - Confederation of Construction Clients

CCC - Current Construction Costs

CCE - Computer controlled equipment

CCF - Construction Clients Forum

CCHP - Combined Cooling, Heating & Power

CCNSG - Client Contractor National Safety Group

CCOU - Construction Central Operations Unit

CCP - Contractor's Change Proposals

CCS - Considerate Constructors Scheme

CCT - Circuit

CCT - Correlated Colour Temperature

CCT - Compulsory Competitive Tendering

CCT - Construction Collaboration Technology

CCTV - Closed Circuit Television

CCU - Cooker Control Unit

CD - Carbon Monoxide Detector

CD - Completion Date

CD - Construction Document

CD - Consultation Document

CD - Contract Date

CD/C&D - Construction and Demolition

CDA - Client Design Advisor

CDA - Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement

CDD - Cooling Degree Days

CDE - Common Data Environment

CDF - Common Data Format

CDM - Clean Development Mechanism

CDM - Construction (Design and Management) Regulations

CDMA - Collision Detection Multiple Access

CDMC - Construction Design Management Coordinator

CDP - Contractor's Design Portion

CDPA - Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988

CDS - Cold Drawn Steel

CE - Communauté Européenne, sometimes taken to stand for Conformité Européenne

CE - Conditions of Engagement

CE - Conformité Européenne (EEA conformity marking)

CE - Constructing Excellence

CECA - Civil Engineering Contractors Association

CEEC - Central and Eastern European countries

CEEQUAL - The Civil Engineering Environmental Quality Assessment & Award Scheme

CEMP - Construction Environmental Management Plan

CEN - Comité Européen de Normalisation

CEng - Chartered Engineer

CERT - Carbon Emissions Reduction Target

CESMM - Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement

CESMM3 - Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement, Third Edition

CESMM4 - Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement, Fourth Edition

CESP - Community Energy Saving Programme.

CFA - Continuous Fight Augured

CFC - Chlorofluorocarbon

CFL - Compact Fluorescent Lamps

CFL - Counter flashing

CFMP - Catchment Flood Management Plan

CfSH - Code for Sustainable Homes

CFW - Continuous Fillet Weld

CGI - Computer Generated Imagery

CGI - Corrugated Galvanized Iron

CGN - China General Nuclear Corporation

CGT - Capital Gains Tax

CH - Ceiling Height

CH - Cooker Hood

CHNL - Channel

CHP - Combined Heat and Power

CHPQA - Combined Heat & Power Quality Assessment

CHS - Circular Hollow Section

CHSW - Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1996

CHW - Chilled Water

CI - Cast Iron

CI - Cumulative Illuminance

CI/SfB - Construction Index / Samarbetskommitten for Byggnadsfragor

CI/SfB - Construction Indexing Classification System for Construction Products and Elements

CIAT - Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists

CIBSE - Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers

CIC - Community Interest Company

CIC - Construction Indsustry Council

CICAIR - Construction Industry Council Approved Inspectors Register

CICES - Chartered Institute of Civil Engineering Surveyors

CIE - Commission Internationale de l'Éclairage

CIF - Corrugated Iron Fence

CIGA - Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency

CIL - Community Infrastructure Levy

CILL - Construction Industry Law Letter

CIMAR - Construction Industry Model Arbitration Rules

CIO - Charitable Incorporated Organisation

CIOB - Chartered Institute of Building

CIP - Cast In Place

CIRIA - Construction Industry Research and Information Association

CIS - Construction Industry Scheme

CISAC - Construction Industrial Strategy Advisory Council

CITB - The Construction Industry Training Board

CJ - Construction Joint

CJ - Control Joint

CL - Ceiling Level

CL - Centre Line

CL - Cover Level

CLASP - Consortium of Local Authorities Special Programme

CLC - Construction Leadership Council.

CLEA - Contaminated Land Exposure Assessment

CLEUD - Certificate of Lawfulness of Existing Use or Development

CLF - Chain Link Fence

CLG - Ceiling

CLG - Department for Communities and Local Government (now the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG)

CLGHP - Closed Loop Geothermal Heat Pump

CLI - Employers' Liability Compulsory Insurance Act 1969

CLOPUD - Certificate of Lawfulness of Proposed Use or Development

CLP - Community Led Planning

CLP - Cost led procurement

CLR - Clearance

CLR - Contaminated Land Report

CLT - Cross Laminated Timber

CM - Corrugated Metal

CM - Construction Manager

CM/A - Construction Management Appointment

CM/TC - Construction Management Trade Contract

CML - Council of Mortgage Lenders

CMP - Construction Management Plan

CMP - Corrugated Metal Pipe

CMS - Common Minimum Standards

CMS - Construction Method Statement

CMT - Construction Management Technology

CMU - Cement Masonry Unit

CMU - Concrete Masonry Unit

CN - Contest Notice

CN - Contract Notice

CNC - Computer Numerical Control

CNS - Chrome-Nickel Steel

CO - Care Of

COB - Clear over Base (paint)

COB - Close of Business

COBie - Construction Operations Building Information Exchange

COC - Certificate of Completion

COC - Certificate of Compliance

COC - Certificate of Conformance/Conformity

CoC - Chain of Custody

COC - Code of Conduct

COI - Certificate of Immunity (listed buildings)

COL - Certificate of Lawfulness (listed buildings)

COL - Column

COM - Customer's Own Material

COMAH - Control of major accident hazards

COMP - Change Order Management Procedure

COMPR - Compressible

CONC - Concrete

CONIAC - Construction Industry Advisory Committee (part of HSE)

ConLR - Construction Law Reports

CONT - Continuous

Co-Op - Co-Operative

COP - Car Operation Panel

COP - Close of Play

CoP - Coefficient of Performance

COSHH - Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

CoW - Clerk of Works

CP - Construction Permit

CP - Contractors Proposals

CP - Critical Path

CPA - Construction Products Associaton

CPA - Critical Path Analysis

CPD - Construction Products Directive

CPD - Continued Professional Development

CPD - Cupboard

CPDA - Crime Prevention Design Advisor

CPE - Chlorinated Polyethylene (water tanks)

CPET - Central Point of Expertise on Timber

CPF - Concrete Panel Fence

CPI - Construction Product Information

CPI - Co-ordinated Project Information

CPIC - Construction Project Information Committee

CPIx - Construction Project Information Exchange

CPL - Continuous Pressure Laminate

CPM - Construction Project Manager

CPM - Critical Path Method

CPN - Critical Path Network

CPO - Compulsory Purchase Order

CPP - Construction Phase Plan

CPR - Civil Procedure Rules

CPR - Construction Products Regulation

CPS - Competent Persons Scheme (Building Control)

CPS - Concrete Paving Slabs

CPT - Carpet

CPVC - Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (hot water & waste pipes)

CR - Clash Rendition

CRAC - Computer Room Air Conditioning

CRB - Community Right to Build

CRBO - Community Right to Build Order

CRDS - Certified Remedial Damp Surveyor

CRE - Corporate Real Estate

CRI - Colour Rendering Index

CRISP - Construction Research and Innovation Strategy Panel (now the National Platform for the Built Environment)

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

CRMP - Corporate Relationship Management Plan

CRO - Construction Related Occupation

CRS - Cold Rolled Steel

CRT - Cathode Ray Tube

CRtB - Community Right to Build

CRW - Concrete Retaining Wall

CS - Cast Steel

CS - Cloud Survey (drawing)

CS - Construction Safety

CS - Core Strategy

CS - Cross Section

cSAC - candidate Special Area of Conservation

CSCS - Construction Skills Certificate Scheme

CSCW - Computer-supported Cooperative Work

CSF - Critical Success Factors

CSH - Code for Sustainable Homes

CSIC - Cambridge Smart Infrastructure and Construction

CSO - Combined Sewer Overflow

CSP - Canadian Softwood Plywood

CSP - Concentrated Solar Power

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

CSRT - Certified Surveyor in Remedial Treatment

CSSW - Certified Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing

CSW - Ceramic Sanitary Ware

CT - Ceramic Tile

CT - Consultant Team

CTC - Centre to Centre

CTDS - Connection Tunnel Drive Site

CTE - Connect to Existing

CTF - Construction Task Force

CTMP - Construction Traffic Management Plan

CTR - Centre

CU - Column Under

CU - Condenser / Condensing Unit

CU - Consumer Unit

CUB - Central Utility Block

CV - Commissioning Valve

CVA - Clear Ventilation Area

CVA - Company Voluntary Arrangement

CVAS - Controlled Ventilation Area System

CVI - Confirmation of Verbal Instruction

CVI / CoI - Confirmation of Verbal Instruction

CVL - Creditors Voluntary Liquidation

CVR - Cost Value Reconciliation

CW - Cold Water

CWE - Collaborative Working Environment

CWP - Circulating Water Pump

CWR - Cold Water Riser

CWS - Cold Water Services