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Construction industry acronyms - T

This article presents a list of construction industry acronyms beginning with 'T'. For other letters go to the main alphabet list.

[edit] T

T&G - Tongued and Grooved

T&M - Time and Materials

T&M - Taps and Mixers

TA - Technical Advisor

TA - To Above

TA - To Above (services)

TABS - Thermal Active Building System / Thermo Active Building System

TAC - Task / Ambient Conditioning

TAN - Technical Advice Note

TB - Tie Beam

TB - To Below

TBA - To Be Arranged / Approved

TBC - To Be Confirmed

TBM - Temporary Bench Mark

TBM - Temporary BenchMark

TBM - Tunnel Boring Machine.

TC - Town council

TCB - Tension Control Bolt

TCC - Technology and Construction Court

TCPA - Town and Country Planning Association

TCQ - Time Cost Quality

Tdb - Dry Bulb Temperature

TDD - Tubular Daylight Devices (see daylight systems)

TDP - Tenancy Deposit Scheme

TEN - Temporary Event Notice

TER - Target Emission Rate (see emission rates)

TET - Total Energy Transmittance

TFA - Total Floor Area.

TFC - Tapered Flange Channel

TFEE - Target Fabric Energy Efficiency

TFL - Thermally Fused Laminate

tg - Globe Temperature.

TG - Tongue and Groove

TGWU - Transport and General Workers' Union

THK - Thick

TIA - Telecommunications Industry Association

TIDP - Task Information Delivery Plan

TIF - Tax Incremental Financing

TIM - Transparent Insulation Materials

TIStructE - Technician of the Institution of Structural Engineers

TLT - Toilet

TLTV - Timber Traceability & Traceability Verification

TM - Traffic Management

TMC - Total Material Consumption

TMCSD - European Temporary or Mobile Construction Sites Directive

TMICE - Technician Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers

TMP - Thermal Mass Parameter

TMR - Total Material Requirements

TMV - Thermostatic Mixer Valve

TO - Top of

TOB - Top of Beam

TOC - Top of Concrete

ToE - Terms (and Conditions) of Engagement

TOF - Top of Footing

TOS - Top of Steel / Slab

TOW - Top of Wall

TOX - Toxicological Reports

TP - Thermoplastic

TP - Toilet Paper Dispenser

TP - Trial Pit

TPI - Tender Price Indices

TPO - Thermoplastic Olefin

TPO - Tree Preservation Order

TPP - Timber Procurement Policy

TR - Technology Readiness

TRM - Technical Reference Manual

TRO - Traffic Regulation Order

TRV - Thermostatic Radiator Valve

TSA - Tenant Services Authority (now absorbed into Homes England)

TSC - Term Services Contract

TSC - Total Shading Coefficient.

T-Sheet - Technical Reference Sheet

TTO - Temporary Traffic Order

TTRO - Temporary Traffic Regulation Order

TU - Trade Union

TUPE - The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 1981

TVOC - Total Volatile Organic Compound (levels)

TWAO - Transport and Works Act order

Twb - Wet Bulb Temperature

TWC - Temporary Works Co-ordinator

TWR - Travelling Wave Reactor

TWS - Temporary Works Supervisor

TXV - Thermal Expansion Valve

TYP - Typical