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Marketing opportunities on Designing Buildings Wiki


Reach our 4 million users

Designing Buildings Wiki attracts 4 million unique users a year. That's more than well-known industry websites such as; Building, Building Design, Construction News, The Architects’ Journal, Construction Enquirer and Property Week.

Page views.jpg Unique users.jpg Articles.jpg Registered users.jpg Newsletter subscribers.jpg
40,000 20,000 6,900 9,000 6,700

Designing Buildings Wiki is a cross-discipline site, supported by ICE, CIOB, BRE, BSRIA, CIAT, IHBC, RSH+P and ECA. It attracts users from every part of the industry.

Registered users (%)
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Publish your articles for free

Designing Buildings Wiki is open access, offering a unique opportunity for free content marketing. You are free to create an article, add your content and add your profile at the top, showing your logo, with a link back to your website. Where else can you place articles on a popular, well-respected, expert construction industry platform – for free?

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Promote your content to extend its reach

You can boost traffic to your articles with pay-for promotions in our features sections, in our newsletter and on our social media channels. You can even add a call to action MPU next to your articles, linked back to your website.

On average articles get 10 x more traffic when they are being promoted.

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We also offer conventional advertising opportunities, targeted by subject area or running across the whole site.

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Content marketing rates

Create a profile linked back to your website. Free
Create articles with your profile at the top. Free

Promote your article and get more traffic:

  • Feature on the home page for 1 week (approx. 4k impressions).
  • Appear in the featured articles section on every page for 1 week (more than 200k impressions).
  • Feature in one edition of our newsletter (6k+ circulation).
  • Feature in one post on each of our social media channels (9k+ followers).

We can even add your article and create your profile for you if you want us to.

Add a call to action MPU, next to your article for one year, linked back to your website. £500
Don’t have time to write an article yourself? We can do it for you. £300 to £500 depending on the length of the article and the source material available.

Advertising rates:

£5 CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) for a 300 x 250 pixel MPU. Example:

£1,000 will get you more than 200k impressions. On average, this will result in 250 click throughs.

This compares with £1,500 for 250 click throughs on Construction Enquirer.

Run of site adverts appear on most pages of the site and will typically get more than 200k impressions in one week.

Targeted adverts are only shown on pages in a specific category, such as ‘Procurement’, ‘Health and safety’, ‘Products and components’, ‘BIM’ and so on. Their duration will vary significantly depending on the category chosen, but on average, 200k impression will take 10 weeks. Click here for more information about the amount of traffic received by each category.

There is a minimum order of 100k impressions (£500), and adverts must be jpg’s or static gif’s, not animated gifs.

Newsletter advertising costs £200 per edition.

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