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Construction industry acronyms - O

This article presents a list of construction industry acronyms beginning with 'O'. For other letters go to the main alphabet list.

[edit] O

O&M - Operations and Maintenance (See Building Owner's Manual)

O/A - On or About

OA - On or About

OBC - Outline Business Case

OC - On Centre

OCDEA - On Construction Domestic Energy Assessor

OD - Ordnance Datum

OD - Outside Diameter

ODP - Ozone Depletion Potential

ODS - Ozone Delpleting Substances.

OECD - Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

OF - Overflow

OFL - Over-Flow alarm

OFS - Oil Fired Appliance Standard

OGC - Office of Government Commerce (no longer in existence)

OGSF - Overall Gross Square Footage

OH - Over Head

OH&P - Overhead and Profit

OIL - Open Items List

OIL - Outstanding Items List

OIOO - One In One Out

OIR - Oganisational Information Requirements

OITO - One In Two Out

OJEU - Official Journal of the European Union

OLB - Timber Origin and Legality (Origine et Légalité des Bois)

OM - Operating & Maintenance (Manual)

OM - Organic Matter

OML - Ordinary Maternity Leave

OMM / O&MM Operation & Maintenance Manual

ONS - Office for National Statistics

OPC – Ordinary Portland Cement

OPEX - Operational Expenditure

OPPI - Owners' Protective Professional Insurance

OPR - Owner's Project Requirements

ORC - Organic Rankine Cycle

OS - Ordinance Survey

OSB - Oriented Strand Board

OSI - Open Systems Interconnection (model)

OSL - Overhead Slab Level

OV - Oven