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Construction industry acronyms - V

This article presents a list of construction industry acronyms beginning with 'V'. For other letters go to the main alphabet list.

[edit] V

VA - Value Analysis

VAT - Value Added Tax

VAV - Variable Air Volume

VAWT - Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

VCD - Volume Control Damper

VCL - Vapour Control Layer

VCP - Volume Change Potential (of ground clays)

VE - Value Engineering

VEH - Vibration Energy Harvesters

VET - Vocational Education and Training

VFD - Variable Frequency Drive

VFM/VfM - Value for Money

VHR - Ventilation Heat Recovery

VIF - Verify In Field

VM - Value Management

VO - Variation Order

VOC - Volatile Organic Compound

VP - Vacant Possession

VP - Vent pipe

VPA - Voluntary Partnership Agreement

VPN - Virtual Private Network.

VPT - Vibration Panel Technology

VRF - Variable Refrigerant Flow

VRMP - Value and Risk Management Protocol

VRV - Variable Refrigerant Volume (condenser unit)

VSD - Variable Speed Drive

VST - Vicat Softening Temperature

VTG - Variable Transmission Glazing