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Construction industry acronyms - I

This article presents a list of construction industry acronyms beginning with 'I'.

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[edit] I

IA - Impact Assessment.

IA - Investment authorisation

IAF - Investment Appraisal Framework

IAF - Irish Architecture Foundation

IAG - Interdepartmental Analysts Group

IAN - Interim Advice Note

IAQM - Institute of Air Quality Management

IAQP - Indoor Air Quality Plan

IBA - Industrial Building Allowances (tax)

IBC - Intermediate Bulk Container

iBIM - Integrated BIM

IBM - Intelligent Building Management

IBMA - Imitation Antique Bronze

IBP - ‎Industrial Business Park

IC - Inspection Chamber.

IC - Inspection Cover

IC - Integrated circuit

IC - Intermediate Contract

ICA - Independent Client Adviser.

ICC - Infrastructure Conditions of Contract

ICD - Incorporating Designed Portion Supplement

ICE - Institution of Civil Engineers

ICE - Internal Combustion Engine

ICER - Incremental Cost-Effectiveness Ratio

ICF - Insulating Concrete Formwork / Insulating Concrete Form.

ICF - Investment Control Framework

IChemE - Institute of Chemical Engineers

ICNIRP - International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection

ICS - International Classification for Standards

ICT - Information and Communications Technology

ICT - Institute of Concrete Technology

ICU - Intensive Care Unit

ICWCI - Institute of Clerks of Works and Construction Inspectorate.

ID - identification

ID - Internal Diameter

IDB - Internal Drainage Board

IDBB - Integrated Design/Bid/Build

IDD - Internal Drainage District

IDF - Internal Dominant Face

IDLH - Immediately Dangerous To Life Or Health

IDM - Information Delivery Manual

IDM - Investment Decision Maker

IDP - Inclusive Design Principles

IDP - Integrated Design Process

IDP - Integrated Drainage Process.

IDS - Information Delivery Specification

IEA - International Energy Agency

IDSNS - Initial Debris Screen Need Score

IECC - Integrated Electronic Control Centre

IECEE - International Electrotechnical Commission's Certification Scheme

IEP - Intercity Express Programme

IEQ - Indoor Environmental Quality.

iESE - Improvement & Efficiency Social Enterprise (Framework)

IET - Institute of Engineering and Technology

IET - The Institution of Engineering and Technology

IFC - Industry Foundation Classes - the open and neutral data format for Open BIM.

IFC - Intermediate form of building contract (JCT)

IFC - Issued for Construction (drawings)

IFD - Industry Foundation Dictionary

IFD - International Framework for Dictionaries

IFE - Institute of Freshwater Ecology

IG - Industry Group

IGT - Innovation and Growth Team

IGU - Insulated Glass Unit

IHBC - Institute of Historic Building Conservation

IHD - In-Home Display

IHT - Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation

IIASA - International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

IIE - Institute of Industrial Engineers

IIP - Investors in People

IL - Invert Level

ILFE - Inset Live Fuel Effect fire

ILMS - Integrated Library Management System

ILW - Intermediate Level Waste

ILWS - Inductive Loop Warning System

IM - Information Manager

IMD - Infrastructure Maintenance Depot

IMD - Interactive Modal Analysis

IMechE - Institution of Mechanical Engineers

IMF - Information Management Framework

IMF - International Monetary Fund

IML - Information Management Landscape

IMP - Information Management Process

IMP - Insulated Metal Panel.

IMPACT - Integrated Material Profile and Costing Tool

IMT - Inspection Management Team

IMU - Information Management Unit

IN - Improvement Notice

IN - Issue Note

IND(G) - Industry Guidance

INDG - Industry Guidance

INNS - Invasive Non-Native Species

InSAR - Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar

INSUL - Insulation

INT - Interior

INTL - Internal

IOA - Institute of Acoustics

IOC - International Oil Company

IOELV - Indicative Occupational Exposure Limit Value

IP - Ingress Protection

IP - Injured Person

IP - Intellectual Property.

IP - Investment Projects.

IP (-Rated) - Ingress Protection (Rated)

IPA - Isopropyl Alcohol

IPC - Independent Principal Consultant

IPC - Integrated Pollution Control

IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

IPD - Initial Professional Development

IPE - European I-Beam Profile

IPEG - Increased Potential for Elevated Groundwater

IPG - Information Planning Group

IPI - Independent Project Insurance

IPMS - International Property Measurement Standards

IPPC - Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control

IPR - Integrated Pollution Regulation

IPR - Intellectual Property Rights

IPS - Integrated Protection System

IPT - Insurance Premium Tax

IPT - Integrated Project Team

IR - Infra Red

IR - Ionising Radiation

IRC - Internal reflected component

IRF - Iron Railing Fence

IRM - Inspection Repair and Maintenance (offshore)

IROPI - Imperative Reasons of Overriding Public Interest

IRP - Intellectual Property Rights

IRR - Internal Rate of Return

IRS - Incident Recording System

IRS - Incident Reporting System

IRS - Information Release Schedule

IRS - Integrated Reception System

IS - Information Services

IS - Information Specialist

IS - Intrinsic Safety

IS - Intrinsically Safe

iSBEM - Simplified Building Energy Model

ISBN - International Standard Book Number

ISC - Immigration Skills Charge

ISG - Insulated Glass Unit

ISI - In-Service Inspection

ISIS - One-dimensional hydraulic modelling software developed by Halcrow

ISM - Integrated Service Module.

ISO - International Organization for Standardization

ISP - Information Strategy Planning

ISSNS - Initial Security Screen Need Score

IST - Integrated Supply Team

ITB - Industry Training Board

ITN - Invitation to Negotiate

ITP - Inspection and Test Plan

ITPD - Invitation to Participate in Dialogue

ITS - Integrated Transport Authority

ITT - Invitation to Tender

IV - Indirect Vent

IV - Isolating Valve.

IVA - Individual Voluntary Agreement (See insolvency)

IVO - Inlet Valve Opening

IVS - International Valuation Standards

IW - Indirect Waste

IWF - Interwovern Fence

IWFM - The Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (previously BIFM)

IWL - Independent Wall Lining

IWM - Integrated Water Management

IWRM - Integrated Water Resource Management

IZ - Inner Zone

IZC - Individual Zone Controllers

IZC - International Zoning Code

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