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Construction industry acronyms - R

This article presents a list of construction industry acronyms beginning with 'R'. For other letters go to the main alphabet list.

[edit] R

R - Render

R & R - Remove & Replace

R&D - Research and Development.

R&D&i - Research, Development and Innovation

R/E - Return / Exhaust

R22 - HCFC Refrigerant

R408A - HCFC Refrigerant

RAC - Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning

RACI - Responsible for, Authorize, Contribute to, Informed about

RAD - Radiator

RAMS - Risk Assessment Method Statements

RB - Resilient Bar [British Gypsum]

RBM - Reinforced Bituminous Membrane (roofing)

RBP - Relationship-based project procurement

RBR - Rubber

RBU - Relay Base Unit

RC - Recycled Content

RC - Reflected Ceiling (plan)

RC - Reinforced Concrete

RC - Room Criteria (acoustics)

RCA - Recycled Crushed Aggregate

RCBO - Residual-Current Circuit Breaker with Overload Protection

RCC - Regional control centre

RCCB - Residual-Current Circuit Breaker

RCD - Residual Current Device

RCP - Reflected Ceiling Plan

RCS - Respirable Crystalline Silica

RD - Roof drain

RDA - Regional Development Agency (replaced by Local Enterprise Partnerships)

RDA - Regional Development Assembly

RDS - Room Data Sheet(s)

RdSAP - Reduced Data SAP

RE - Rodding Eye

REACH - Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & Restriction of Chemicals

REJ - Reinforced Elastomeric Joints

REI - Request for Employer's Instruction

REIT - Real Estate Investment Trust

REP - Real Estate Partnership

REQD - Required

RFC - Request for Change

RFC - Request for Comments

RFI - Request for Information

RFP - Request for Proposal (also possibly Package or Price)

RFQ - Request for quote

RGB - Red Green Blue (LED)

RH - Relative Humidity

RHI - Renewable Heat Incentive

RHPC - Rapid Hardening Portland Cement

RHS - Rectangular Hollow Section

RHS - Revitalising Health and Safety

RHS - Right Hand Side

RIA - Regulatory Impact Assessment

RIBA - Royal Institute of British Architects

RICS - Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

RIDDOR - Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations

RL - Roof Level

RM - Room

RM - Repair and Maintenance

RMC - Ready Mix Cement

RMP - Relationship Management Plan

RMP - Risk Management Plan

RNCP - Request for Notification for change to Cost & Program

RNCP - Request for Notification of Cost & Programming Impact

RNG - Renewable Natural Gas (biogas)

RO - Renewables Obligation

RO - Rough Opening

ROC - Renewables Obligation Certificate

ROI - Return on Investment

RoL - Rights of Light

RPA - Risk potential assessment

RPB - Regional Planning Body

RPC - Regional Prime Contracts

RPC - Regulatory Policy Committee

RPE - Respiratory Protective Equipment

RPP - Responsible Purchasing Policy

RRC - Reducing Regulation Committee

RRO - Regulatory Reform Order

RSA - Rolled Steel Angle

RSB B - Road Sound Barrier Board

RSJ - Rolled Steel Joist

RSL - Registered Social Landlords

RSS - Regional Spatial Strategy

RT - Reverberation Time

RTD - River Terrace Deposits

RTMC - Regional technology maintenance contractor

RTN - Return

RTPI - Royal Town Planning Institute

RTS - Robotic Total Station

RTU - Rooftop unit

RUDI - Resource for Urban Design Information

RV - Return Valve

R-value - thermal Resistance value of a material

RWC - Responsible Welding Co-ordinator

RWH - Rainwater Harvesting

RWO - Rain Water Outlet

RWP - Rain Water Pipe