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Construction industry acronyms - E

This article presents a list of construction industry acronyms beginning with 'E'.

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[edit] E

EZ - Enterprise Zone

E&P - Electrical and Power

EA - Each

EA - Employer's Agent

EA - Environment Agency

EA - The Equality Act 2010

EAC - Electronic Access Control

EAC - Estimation At Completion

EAD - European Assessment Document

EAE - Evidence Analysis and Evaluation

EAHE / EAHX - Earth-Air Heat Exchanger

EAHP - Exhaust-air-source heat-pump

EAI - Employer's Agents Instruction

EAM - Environmental Assessment Method

EANCB - Equivalent Annual Net Cost to Business

EAP - Euston Area Plan

EAPC - Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle

EAF - Electric Arc Furnaces

EAS - Enterprise Allowance Scheme

EASE - Estimation and Assessment of Substance Exposure

EAT - Employment Appeals Tribunal

EAZ - Education Action Zone

EB - External Beam

EbD - enquiry by design

EBT - Employee Benefit Trust

EBW - Electron Beam Welding

EC - Embodied Carbon

EC - Eurocode

EC - European Commission

ECA - Engineering Critical Assessment

ECA - Enhanced Capital Allowance

ECB - Electricity Control Box

ECC - Engineering and Construction Contract

ECCS - Emergency Core Cooling System

ECD - Enhanced Construction Detail

ECI - Early Contractor Involvement

ECI - Enquiry Confirmation Instruction

ECI - Export Credit Insurance

EcIA - Ecological Impact Assessment

ECL - Exposure Control Limit

ECML - East Coast Main Line

ECMS - Engineering Content Management System

ECO - Energy Company Obligation

ECO3 - The third version of the Energy Company Obligation

ECOIN - European Core Inventory

ECS - Empty Coaching Stock

ECSC - Engineering and Construction Short Contract

ECTS - European Credit Transfer System

ED&I - Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

EDC - Extra Deep Flange [British Gypsum]

EDCL - Extra Deep CurveLiner [British Gypsum]

EDF - Environmental Defense Fund

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

EDMOs - Empty dwelling management orders

EDMS - Electronic Document Management System

EDPM - Evolutionary design process model

EDR - Energy Demand Reduction

EDTA - Ethylene Diaminetetraacetic Acid

EE - Energy Efficiency

EEA - European Economic Area, the member states of the EU and the European Free Trade Association countries; Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

EECS - Electrical Equipment Certification Service

EEH - England's Economic Heartland

EEIG - European Economic Interest Groupings

EEL - Emergency Exposure Limit

EER - Emergency Evacuation and Rescue

EER - Energy Efficiency Rating / Energy Efficiency Ratio

EER - Energy Efficiency Ratio

EER - Evacuation, Escape and Rescue

EERA - Evacuation, Escape and Rescue Assessment

EER - Experience Exchange Report

EEU - Expected Energy Unserved.

EF - Each Face

EFA - Effective Floor Area

EFT - Earliest Finish Time

EfW - Energy from Waste

EGL - Energy Grade Line

EGL - External Ground Level

EGP - Enhanced Ground Plane

EGT - Equivalent Gross Tonnage

EHO - Environmental Health officer

EHOB - Extra-Heavy Oil and Bitumen

EHP - Environmental Health Practitioner

EHSR - Essential Health and Safety Requirement

EIA - Electronic Industries Association

EIA - Environmental Impact Assessment

EIFS - Exterior Insulation Finishing System

EINA - Equalities Impacts Needs Assessment

EINECS - European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances

EIR - Employer's Information Requirements

EIR - Exchange Information Requirements

EIS - Environmental Impact Statement

EJ - Expansion Joint

EL - Electrical (plan)

EL - Elevation

EL - Employer's liability insurance

EL - Existing Level

ELCB - Earth Leakage circuit Breaker

ELCI - Employers' Liability Compulsory Insurance

ELEC - Electrical

ELEV - Elevation

ELF - Extra Low Frequency

ELINCS - European List of Notified Chemical Substances

ELO - Enforcement Liaison officer

ELP - Emergency Lighting Panel

ELS - Entry Level Stewardship

ELS - Ethical Labour Sourcing

ELT - Emergency Liaison Team

ELV - Exposure Limit Value

ELV - Extra-Low Voltage

EM - Electricity Meter

EM - Explanatory Memorandum

EMA - Employment Medical Adviser

EMAS - Eco-Management and Audit Scheme

EMC - electromagnetic compatibility

EMC - Electromagnetic Compatibility (directive)

EMC - event mean concentration

EMF - electromagnetic field

EMI - electromagnetic interference

EML - Expanded Metal Lath

EMP - Environmental Management Plan

EMR - Elastomeric in Metal Runners

EMR - Electromagnetic Radiation

EMR - environmental minimum requirement

EMR - Extended Metropolitan Regions

EMRO - Early Morning Alcohol Restriction Orders

EMS - Environmental Management System

EMU - Electrical Multiple Unit

EN - European Standard (N for Norm)

ENG - Environmental Net Gain

EnMS - Energy Management System

ENTR - Entrance

EO - Ethylene Oxide

EO - Executive officer

EOI - Expression of Interest

EOL - End of Life

EOQ - Economic Ordering Quantity

EOT - Extension of Time

EOTA - European Organisation for Technical Assessment

EP - Earthing Pit

EPA - Environmental Protection Act

EPBD - Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

EPC - Energy Performance Certificate

EPC - Energy Performance Contracting

EPC - Engineer Procure Construct

EPC - Engineering, Procurement & Construction

EPCM - Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management

EPD - Environmental Product Declaration

EPDM - Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer

EPG - Environmental Protective Glazing

EPIC - Electronic Product Information Co-operation

EPO - Environmental Protection Officer

EPO - European Patent Organisation

EPOCH - European Programme On Climatology and Natural Hazards

EPP - Environmentally Preferred Product

EPP - Expanded Polypropylene

EPR_{NC} - Energy Performance Ratio for New Constructions

EPS - Environmental Performance Statement

EPS - Environmental Planning Statement

EPS - European Protected Species

EPS - Expanded Polystyrene

EPS - External Power Supply

EPSRC - Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

EPUK - Environmental Protection UK

EQ - Equal

EqIA - equality impact assessment

EQS - environmental quality standard

EQSD - Environmental Quality Standards Directive (2008/105/EC)

ER - Employer's Requirements

ER - Exposed Run

ERC - Elastomeric Roof Coating

ERC - External Reflected Component

ERG - Efficiency and Reform Group

ERG - Environmental Reporting Guidelines

ERIC - Eliminate Reduce Inform Control

ERIC - Eliminate Reduce Isolate Control

ERICC - European Portfolios Initiatives Co-ordination Committee

ERP - Enterprise resource planning

ERV - Energy Recovery Ventilators

ERV - Expansion Relief Valve

ES - Environmental Statement

ESCO - Energy Saving Company

ESD - Emergency Shutdown Device

ESEER - European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

ESF - Environmental Street Furniture

ESFR - Early Suppression Fast Response

ESG - Environment Social Governance (Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance)

ESH - Electric Surface Heating

ESOS - Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

ESP - Electrostatic Precipitator

ET - Expansion Tank

ETA - European Technical Approval

ETA - European Technical Assessment

ETAG - Guideline for European Technical Approval

ETAHE - Earth To Air Heat Exchanger

ETFE - Ethylenetetrafluoroethylene

ETICS - External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems

ETP - Energy Technology Perspectives

ETPL - Energy Technology Product List

ETS - Emissions Trading System

ETS - Energy Transfer Station (see District Heating)

ETS - Environmental Tobacco Smoke

EU - ETS - European Union Emissions Trading Scheme

EU - European Union

EUI - Energy Use Intensity

EUQ - Element Unit Quantities

EUR - Element Unit Rates

EUROTL - European Road Object Type Library

EUTR - EU Timber Regulation

EUTR - European Union Timber Regulation

EV - Earned Value

EV - Electric Vehicle.

EVA - Earned Value Analysis

EVA - Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

EVC - Emergency Voice Communication

EVCP - Electric Vehicle Chargepoint

EVM - Earned Value Management

EVMS - Earned Value Management System

EWB - Electric Water Boiler

EWC - Electric Water Cooler

EWI - External Wall Insulation

EWL - Euston to Watford Line

EWP - Engineered Wood Product

EWS - External Wall System

EWS1 - External Wall System fire certificate

EX - Existing (plan)

EXCO - Executive Committee

EXPP - Existing Patched and Painted

EXT - Exterior

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