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[edit] Introduction

A boiler is a piece of technical apparatus in which fuels are oxidised to generate thermal energy, which is transferred to water or steam. Boilers are typically used to heat water to feed heating systems or to supply hot water, or both. Boilers are most commonly fuelled by:

There are a very wide range of boilers available depending on; size, fuel type, efficiency and application, and ranging from compact units used for domestic heating, to very large boilers used for industrial processes. For more information, see:

An automatic feed boiler is a boiler with fully automated fuel supply.

[edit] Improved efficiency of new boilers

Heating accounts for a large portion of household expenses, especially during the winter. But if your energy costs are higher than normal, it may be due to an aging boiler. Boilers gradually become less efficient over time and often require more maintenance.

Replacing an old boiler with a new one means improved efficiency and lower emissions as a result. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that new boiler installations can potentially save households hundreds of pounds a year in energy costs alone.

[edit] Installations that meet safety regulations

All boiler installations must meet building and safety regulations. All boiler engineers must deliver professional new boiler installations that meet all safety requirements as established by the government. Most engineers are Gas Safe Registered and properly insured with public liability insurance.

Boiler replacement costs vary, as every home has different heating requirements. Upfront costs may seem hefty, but replacing an aging boiler is well worth the investment in the long term. A more efficient boiler means greater energy savings.

[edit] Request a consultation

If you’re considering installing a new boiler, contact a boiler engineer for a consultation and a written estimate for your new boiler. In some cases, they will also give recommendations such as a power flush to remove any sludge and debris that could be affecting how your boiler runs.

There is an extensive process to assess your entire central heating system and determine the work involved. This allows a more accurate quote to be provided, and the recommendation of a new boiler for your living space.

Engineers can help you with the following services:

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Quite informative. Honestly, I annually acquire a boiler service, but I’m not that familiar with how a boiler works and even its composition. It’s good to know about that tip wherein an ageing boiler may cause the energy costs to be higher. I’ll surely take note of that one.

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