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Construction industry acronyms - W

This article presents a list of construction industry acronyms beginning with 'W'. For other letters go to the main alphabet list.

[edit] W

W/ - With

WAHR - Work At Height Regulations (2005)

WAP - Wireless Access Point.

WB - Welded Beam

WBGT - Wet Bulb Globe Temperature

WBP - Weather & Boil Proof

WBP (ply) - Water & Boil Proof (ply)

WBS - Work Breakdown Structure (NRM2)

WBS - Wood Burning Stove

WC - Water Closet

WC - Week Commencing

WC - Welded Column

WD - Wood

WDA - Writing Down Allowances (See Business Premises Renovation Allowance (BPRA))

WEL - Workplace Exposure Limits (See COSHH)

WEMS - Wireless Energy Management Systems.

WER - Window Energy Rating

WFD - Water Framework Directive

WHB - Wash Hand Basin

WHQS - Welsh Housing quality Standards

WI - Work Instruction

WID - Waste Incineration Directive

WIP - Work in Progress

WIR - Walk In Robe

WL - Wall Light

WL - Water Level (survey)

WLC - Whole Life Costing

WLR - Weekly Law Reports

WM - Washing Machine

WMF - Wire Mesh Fence

WP - Waste Pipe

WPC - Wood Plastic Composite

WPF - Wooden Panel Fence

WPQR - Welding Procedure Qualification Record

WPS - Welding Procedure Specification

WRA – Working Rule Agreement.

WRAP - Waste & Resources Action Programme

WRAS - Water Regulations Advisory Scheme

WRD - Wardrobe

WSHP - Water Source Heat Pump

WSN - Wireless Sensor Node

WTL - Water Technology List (see ECA Water Scheme)

WVP - Waste Vent Pipe