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Construction industry acronyms - P

This article presents a list of construction industry acronyms beginning with 'P'.

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[edit] P

P2P - Procure to pay software

P - Post

P & I - Piping and Instrumentation

P-DfMA - Platform Approach to Design for Manufacture and Assembly

Pa - Pascal (S.I. Unit of Pressure)

PA - Planning Authority

PA - Polyamide (nylon) (electrical fittings, washers, ropes)

PAC - Procurement Assessment Criteria

PACE - Property Advisers to the Civil Estate (no longer in existence)

PADHI - Planning Advice For Developments Near Hazardous Installations

PADP - Project Supervisor Design Portion

PAH - Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon

PAH - polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

PAH - Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbines

PALF - Palisade Fence

PAN - Planning Advice Note

PAO - Procurement Assessment Options

PAR - Planning Application Requirements

PAR - Polished All-Round

PARL - Percentage Asset Remaining Life

PAS - Publicly Available Specification

PAS 1192-2 - Publicly Available Specification: Specification for information management for the capital/delivery phase of construction projects using building information modelling.

PAS 91 - Publicly Available Specification: Construction prequalification questionnaires

PAT - Portable Appliance Testing

PAVA - Public Address & Voice Alarm system

PAWS - Plantations on Ancient Woodland Sites

PAYE - Pay As You Earn

PB - Payback

PB - Polybutalene (pipe fittings)

PBA - Project Bank Account

PBB - Polybrominated Biphenyl

PBS - Product Breakdown Structure

PC - Parish Council

PC - Personal Computer

PC - Polycarbonate (anti-vandal glazing)

PC - Portland Cement

PC - Pull Chain

PC - Practical Completion

PC - Precast Concrete

PC - Prime Cost

PC - Principal Contractor.

PCA - Pre-Construction Agreement

PCA - Public Contractors Association

PCAH - Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon

PCB - Polychlorinated Biphenyl

PCB - Polychlorinated Biphenyls

PCB - Printed Circuit Boards

PCBP's - Polychlorinated Biphenylenes

PCC - Parochial Church Council

PCC - Portland Cement Concrete

PCC - Professional Conduct Committee

PCC - Professional Consultants Certificate

PCDB - Product Characteristics Database

PCE - Project Cost Estimate

PCF - Project control framework

PCG - Parent Company Guarantee

PCI - Pre-Construction Information

PCM - Phase Change Material

PCN - Personnel Certification for Non-destructive Testing

PCP - Precast Concrete Pad

PCP - Precast Concrete Pavement

PCP - Precast Concrete Product

PCP - Provision, Criterion or Practice

PCR - Product Category Rules

PCSA - Pre-Construction Services Agreement / Pre-Contract Services Agreement

PCSR - Pre-Construction Safety Report

Pct - Polychlorinated Triphenyls

PCT - Pre-Cast Construction Technology

PCT - Pre-Completion Testing

PCU - passenger car unit

PD - (BSI) Published Document

PD - Permitted Development

PD - Principal Designer

PDCA - Plan, Do, Check, Act

PDF - Portable Document Format

PDF - Probability Density Function

PDL - Previously Developed Land

PDLC - Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal

PDM - post development model

PDM - Precedence Diagram Method.

PDO - Permitted Development Order

PDP - Personal Development Planning

PDR - Permitted Development Rights

PDR - Product Design Specification

PDS - Private Developer Scheme

PDS - Product Data Sheet

PDS - Project Definition Statement

PDT - Product Data Template

PE - Photo-Electric

PE - Polyethylene

PEA - Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

PEDR - Professional Experience and Development Record

PEFC - Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

PEMD - Power Electronics, Machines and Drives

PEP - Project Execution Plan

PERT - Programme Evaluation and Review Technique

PE-RT - Polyethylene Raised Temperature

PES - Programmable Electronic Systems

PEST - Political, Economic, Social, Technological

PESTLE - Political, Environmental, Social, Technological, Legal, Economic

PET - Polyethylene Terephthalate

PF - Phenol-formaldehyde (Bakelite) (electrical fittings, door furniture)

PF - Picket Fence

PF2 - Private Finance Initiative version 2

PFA - Pulverised Fuel Ash

PFC - Parallel Flange Channel (C-channel)

PFI - Private Finance Initiative

PFM - (also referred to as PLANET) PLANET Framework Model

PFMEA - Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis

PFRA - preliminary flood risk assessment

PG - Process Guidance

PGI - Protected Geographical Indication

PH - Property Holdings

PH - Public Health

PHD - Product Health Declaration

PHE - Progressive Horizontal Evacuation

PHI - Passive House Institute

PHO - Public Health officer

PHPP - Passive House Planning Package

PHSA - Planning (Hazardous Substances) Act 1990

PI - Principal Inspector

PIA - personal injury accident

PIA - Proprietary Information Agreement

PICG - Project investment control group

PICV - Pressure Independent Control Valves

PII - Pollutant Ingress Index

PII - Professional Indemnity Insurance

PIL - Preferred Industrial Location

PILON - Pay in lieu of notice

PIM - Package Interface Matrix

PIM - Project Information Model

PIMP - percentage impermeability

PIN - Pre Information Notice

PIN - Prior Information Notice

PIN - Publication Information Notice

PINS - Planning Inspectorate

PIP - Project Implementation Plan

PIR - Passive Infrared (sensor)

PIR - Polyisocyanurate (insulation)

PIT - Partners in Technology

PIX - Project Information eXchange (Protocol)

PL - Plain Line (track without switches and crossings)

PLA - Polylactide / Poly(lactic acid)

PLA - Port of London Authority

PLA - Property Litigation Association.

PLANET - (also referred to as PFM) Planning network transport forecast model

PLBE - Principal Load Bearing Element

PLC - Public Level Crossing

PLC - Public Limited Company

PLCS - Product Life Cycle Support

PLM - Product Lifecycle Management

PLPR - Plain Line Pattern Recognition

PLQ - Plain Language Questions

PLUMB - Plumbing

PLYD - Plywood

PM - Project manager

PM10 - particulate matter (with aerodynamic diameter of less than 10)

PM2.5 - particulate matter (with aerodynamic diameter of less than 2.5)

PMA - Paintmakers Association (of Great Britain)

PMBOK - Project Management Body of Knowledge

PMI - Purchasing Managers Index

PMMA - Poly(methyl methacrylate) See Acrylic

PMP - Project Management Plan.

PMS - Paint Mixing System(s)

PMV - Predicted Mean Vote (thermal comfort)

PMV - Pre-Manufactured Value

PN - Prohibition Notice

PNG - Portable Network Graphics

PNT - Paint/Painted

PO - Private office

PO - Purchase Order

PoaP - Policy on a Page

PoC - Point of Contraflexure

POE - Post Occupancy Evaluation

POE - Power Over Ethernet.

POG - Planning Oversight Group

POMI - Principles of Measurement (International)

POPE - Post Opening Project Evaluation

PORV - Power-Operated Relief Valve

POS - Planning Officers Society

POS - Public Open Space

POT - Peak Over a Threshold

POV - Privately Owned Vehicle

PoW - Plan of Work

PP - People Productivity

PP - Planning Package

PP - Polypropylene

PPA - Planning Performance Agreement

PPAP - Production Part Approval Process

PPC - Permanent Painted Coatings

PPC - Pollution Prevention and Control

PPC - Polyester Powder-Coated (steel/aluminium)

PPC - Portland Puzzolana Cement

PPC - Post Practical Completion

PPC - Project Partnering Contract

PPC 2000 - Standard Form of Contract for Project Partnering

PPD - Percentage People Dissatisfied (thermal comfort)

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment

PPG - Planning Policy Guidance

PPG - Pollution Prevention Guidelines

PPG - pollution prevention guidelines (Environment Agency)

PPL - Piling Platform Level

PPLV - Positively Pressurised Ventilated Lobby

Ppm - Parts Per Million

PPM - Planned Preventative Maintenance

PPM - Public Performance Measure

PPM - Pump Performance Monitoring (sheets)

PPP - Public Private Partnership

PPPP/4Ps - Public-Private Partnership Programme

PPS - Package Procurement Schedule

PPS - Planning Policy Statement

PPV - Peak Particle Velocity

PPW - Planning Policy Wales

PQ - Parliamentary Question

PQP - Project Quality Plan

PQPSP - Project Quality Plan for Small Projects

PQQ - Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

PQS - Professional Quantity Surveyor

PR - Proposed Plan

PRA - Paint Research Association

PRA - Probabilistic Risk Analysis / Assessment

PRE - Pitting Resistance Equivalent

PRE - public rescue equipment

PRF - Post and Rail Fence

PRIME - Private sector Resource Initiative for the Management of the Estate

PRINCE - PRojects IN Controlled Environments

PRISM - Policy Responsive Integrated Strategy Model

PRM - Person with Reduced Mobility

PRN - Primary Route Network

PROBE - Post Occupancy Review of Buildings and their Engineering

PROPWET - Index of proportion of time that soils are wet

PRoW - Public Right of Way

PRR - Production Readiness Review

PRS - Pressure Reduction System

PRS - Private Rented Sector.

PRS - Property Repayment Scheme

PRV - Pressure Reducing Valve

PRV - Pressure Relief Valve

PS - Planning Supervisor

PS - Polystyrene (insulation & suspended ceilings)

PS - Project Sponsor

PS - Provisional Sum

PSA - Public Service Agreements

PSBP - Priority School Building Programme

PSBP2 - Priority School Building Programme - phase 2

PSBR - Public Sector Borrowing Requirement

PSC - Personal Services Company

PSC - Professional Services Contract

PSC - Public Sector Comparator

PSCP - Public Sector Partnering Contract

PSCS - Project Supervisor Construction Stage

PSD - particle size distribution

PSDP - Project Supervisor Design Process

PSDS - Product Safety Data Sheet

PSF - Professional Service Firm

PSG - Project Steering Group

Psi - Pounds Per Square Inch

PSI - proportion of sediment-sensitive invertebrates

PSNCR - Public Sector Net Cash Requirement

PSP - Post/Shoring/Polyethylene

pSPA - potential Special Protection Area

PSRA - Public Safety Risk Assessment

PSS - Public Sector Scheme.

PSU - Power Supply Unit

PSV - Passive Stack Ventilation

PSW - Part Submission Warrant / Product Submission Warrant

PSYM - Predictive SYstem for Multimetrics

PT - Paper towel Dispenser

PT - Pressure Treated

PTAC - Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner

PTAL - Public Transport Accessibility Level

PTD - Product Transparency Declaration

PTE - Pre-Tender Estimate

PTF - Perfluorocarbon Tracer Gas (air infiltration testing)

PTF - Printed Electronics, including Polymer Thick Film Circuits

PTFE - Polytetrafluoroethylene

PTFE - Polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon)

PTM - Patch To Match

PTM - Project Team Meeting

PTNB - Plan Transition Numérique dans le Bâtiment

PTW - Permit To Work

PU - Planning Unit

PU - Policy Unit

PU - Polyurethane

PU - Public Utility

PUE - Power Usage Effectiveness

PUF - Polyurethane Foam

PUI - Peri-Urban Interface

PUK - Partnerships UK

PUR - Polyurethane (foam insulation, paints & coatings)

PV - Photovoltaic

PV - Present Value

PVA - Polyvinyl Acetate (latex emulsion) (emulsion paint, bonding agents)

PVB - Polyvinyl Butyral (laminated glass)

PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride

PVC-U - Unplasticated Polyvinyl Chloride

PVF - Polyvinyl Fluoride (protective film)

PVS - Primary Vent Stack

PVT - Combined Photovoltaic and solar Thermal

PW - Party Wall

PWD - Permanent Works Designer

PWF - Post and Wire Fence

PWR - Pressurised Water Reactor

PWS - Public Water Supply

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