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Great Britain

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Great Britain is a geographic term referring to the island in the North Atlantic Ocean which is also known as just ‘Britain’. It is a political term for the part of the British Isles that is made up of England, Scotland, and Wales (as well as the outlying islands that fall under their administration, e.g. the Isle of Wight).

Great Britain is the largest part of the United Kingdom (full name: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).

Great Britain was formed (as the Kingdom of Great Britain) in 1707 through the political union that joined the kingdoms of England and Scotland, ratified by the 1706 Treaty of Union.

Strictly-speaking, there is no capital city of Great Britain, although it is commonly assumed to be London, given that this largest city is the capital of England and the United Kingdom as a whole.

For more information see:United Kingdom.

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