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Construction industry acronyms - L

This article presents a list of construction industry acronyms beginning with 'L'.

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[edit] L

L6s - Lean Six Sigma

L&D - Learning and Development

L/L - Low Level

LA - Local Authority

LAA - Local Authority Associations

LAAPS - Local Authority Accident Prevention and Safety Services

LABC - Local Authority Building Control

LABV - Local Asset Backed Vehicle

LAC - Local Authority Circular

LADD - Lifetime Average Daily Dose

LADS - Linear Asset Decision Support

LADs - Liquidated and Ascertained Damages

LAI - Leaf Area Index

LAPC - Local Air Pollution Control

LAPPC - Local Air Pollution and Prevention Control

LAQM - Local Air Quality Management

LAQN - London Air Quality Network

LASER - Light Amplification By Stimulated Emission of Radiation

LASP - Local Authorities Strategic Programme

LASS - Leisure Accident Surveillance System

LAU - Local Authority Unit

LB - Listed Building

LB - Load-Bearing

LBA - Letter Before Action

LBA - London Boroughs Association

LBAP - Local Biodiversity Action Plan

LBC - Listed Building Consent

LBCO - Listed Building Consent Order

LBHPA - Listed Building Heritage Partnership Agreement

LBSM - London Building Stock Mode

LBTT - Land and Building Transaction Tax

LC - Lead Consultant

LC - Licence Condition

LC - London Clay

LCA - Landscape Character Area

LCA - Lifecycle Assessment

LCA - Low Cost Alternative

LCD - Liquid Crystal Display (glazing)

LCF - Landfill Communities Fund

LCI - Life Cycle Inventory

LCOE - Levelised Cost of Electricity

LCM - Lighting Control Module

LCN - London Cycle Network

LCN+ - London Cycle Network Plus

LCT - Landscape Character Type

LCV - Light-Commercial Vehicle

LD - Land Division

LD - Latent Defect

LD - Lead Designer

LDs - Liquidated and Ascertained Damages

LDA - Linear Photodiode Array

LDA - London Development Agency

LCD - Land Drainage Consent

LDC - Lawful Development Certificate (/Certificate of Lawful Development)

LDD - Local Development Document

LDEDCA - Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009 -

LDF - Local Development Framework

LDF - Low Density Fibreboard

LDG - List of Dangerous Goods

LDI - Latent Defects Insurance

LDO - Local Development Order

LDPE - Low Density Polyethylene (bins, pipes & fittings)

LDS - Local Development Scheme.

LDV - Leyland DAF van

LDV - Light-Duty Vehicles

LEA - Local Education Authority

LEA - Local Enterprise Agency

LEAP - Locally Equipped Area of Play

LEAV - Lower Exposure Action Value

LED - Light-Emitting Diode

LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

LEL - Lower Explosive Limit

LEL - Lower Exposure Limit

LEMP - Local Environmental Management Plan

LENI - Lighting Energy Numerical Indicator

LEP - Local Enterprise Partnerships

LEP - Lowest Evaluated Price

LEPC - Lifts, Escalators and Passenger Conveyors

LEQ - Equivalent Continuous Sound Level

LEV - Local Exhaust Ventilation

LEZ - Low Emission Zone

LF - Load Factor

LFB - London Fire Brigade

LFDCA - London Fire and Civil Defence Authority

LFL - Lower Flammability Limit

LFRMS - Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

LFS - Labour Force Survey

LGA - Local Government Area

LGA - Local Government Association

LGA - Local Government Authority

LGBT - Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans.

LGBCE - Local Government Boundary Commission for England

LGS - Local Geological Site

LGSC - Landlord's Gas Safety Certificate

LGTF - Local Government Task Force

LGV - Light Goods Vehicle

LHA - Local Highway Authority

LHDG - London Housing Design Guide

LHPC - Low Heat Portland Cement

LHS - Left Hand Side

LiDAR - Light Detection And Ranging - or a combination of 'light' and 'radar'

LIF - Laser Induced Fluorescence

LIFE - Lotic-invertebrate Index for Flow Evaluation

LIFO - Last In-First Out

LIFT - Local Improvement Finance Trust

LIGS - locally important geological site

LIL - Local Interest List

LIP - Local Implementation Plan

LISI - London Invasive Species Initiative

LL - Live Load

LL - Low Level

LLBCO - Local Listed Building Consent Order

LLC - Limited Liability Corporation

LLFA - Lead Local Flood Authority

LLL - Lifelong Learning

LLMI - Local Labour Market Intelligence

LLP - Limited Liability Partnership

LMD- Light Maintenance Depot

LMFBR - Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor

LMP - Landscape Management Plan

LNAPL - Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid

LNG - Liquefied Natural Gas

LNHS - London Natural History Society

LNR - Local Nature Reserves

LO - London Overground

LO - Low

LOA - Land Ownership Area

LOCAE - List of Classified and Authorised Explosives

LOd - Level of Detail

LOD - Level of Development

LOD - Limit of Detection

LOEL - Lowest Observed Effect Level

LOF - Learnings Outcomes Framework

LOI - Letter of Intent

LoL - Limitation of Liability

LOLER - Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations

LON - Light Obstruction Notice

LoR - Letter of Reliance

LOR - Light Output Ratio

LOTO - Lock Out Tag Out

LOX - Liquid Oxygen

LP - Lamp Post

LP - Legality of Production

LP - Lighting Panel / Lamp Post

LP - Limited Partnership

LP - Liquefied Petroleum

LP - Local Plan

LP - Low Pressure

LPA - Local Planning Authority

LPC - Loss Prevention Council

LPCB - Loss Prevention Certification Board

LPD - Lighting Power Density.

LPG - Liquefied Petroleum Gas

LPS - Last Planner System

LPS - Loss Prevention Standard

LPT - Local Property Tax

LPT1 - London Power Tunnels Phase 1

LPT2 - London Power Tunnels Phase 2

LRAP - London Rivers Action Plan

LRFD - Load and Resistance Factor Design

LRT - Light Rapid Transit

LRV - Light Rail Vehicle

LRV - Light Reflectance Value

LS - Light Switch

LSD - Limit State Design

LSF - Low Smoke or Fumes

LSOA - Lower Super Output Area

LSP - Local Strategic Partnership

LSP - Loss Prevention Standard.

LSS - Load Scaling Sensitivity

LSSB - Large Single Storey Building

LST - Low Surface Temperature (radiators)

LSV - Lockshield Valve

LT - Light Transmittance value of glazing (Natural Light Value)

L-TS - Long-Term Storage

LTA - Lost Time Accident

LTC - Loan To Cost ratio

Ltd - Limited Liability Company

LTEL - Long Term Exposure Limit.

LTHW - Low Temperature Hot Water

LTI - Lost Time Incident

LTP - local transport plan

LTSF - Local Track Selection Factor

Ltsrs - Long Term Safety Reviews

LTT - Lockout Tagout Try

LTV - Loan To Value ratio

LU - London Underground

LUCID - Local Urban Climate Model and the Intelligent Development of Cities

LUL - London Underground Limited

LUPI - Land Use Pollution Index

LUST - Land Use Surface Type

LV - Large Vegetation

LV - Low Voltage

LV - Low Volume

LVA - Landscape and Visual Appraisal.

LVD - Low Voltage Directive

LVDC - Low-Voltage Direct Current

LVDMAP - Low Value Disputes Model Adjudication Procedure

LVDT - Linear Variable Differential Transducer

LVIA - Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

LVMF - London View Management Framework

LVT - Luxury Vinyl Tiles

LWA - Lightweight Aggregate

LWD - Large Woody Debris

LWR - Light Water Reactor

LWS - local wildlife site

LWSC - Long Wave Shading Coefficient

LZC - Low or Zero Carbon (Technologies)

LZCGT - Low or Zero-Carbon Generating Technology

LZCT - Low or Zero Carbon Technology

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