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Construction industry acronyms - N

This article presents a list of construction industry acronyms beginning with 'N'.

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[edit] N

N - Newton

NABERS - National Australian Built Environment Rating System

NaCSBA - National Custom & Self Build Association

NADOR - Notification of Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations

NAI - Nature Improvement Areas

NAP - National Adaptation Programme

NAPI - normalised antecedent precipitation index

NAS - Net Addition to Stock

NASC - National Access and Scaffolding Confederation

NASC - National Association of Scaffolding Contractors

NATLAS - National Testing Laboratory Accreditation Scheme

NATM - New Austrian Tunnelling Method

NAW - Noise At Work

NAWDC - National Association of Waste Disposal Contractors

NB - Net Benefits

NBMP - National Bat Monitoring Programme

NBR - National Buildings Record

NBS - National Building Specification

NC - Noise Criteria

NCA - national character area

NCC - Net Contribution Clause

NCF - National Contractors Federation

NCM - National Calculation Methodology (for EPDM)

NCO - Nature Conservation Order

NCPC - National Crime Prevention Council (US)

NCR - Non-Conformance Report / Non-Conformity Report

nCRISP - new Construction Research and Innovation Strategy Panel (now the National Platform for the Built Environment)

NCS - Natural Colour System

NDA - Net Development Area

NDA - Non Disclosure Agreement

NDO - Neighbourhood Development Order

NDC - Nationally Determined Contribution

NDG - National Design Guide

NDP - Neighbourhood Development Plan

NDPB - Non Departmental Public Body

NDPB - Non-Departmental Public Body

NDS - National Delivery Services

NDT - Non-Destructive Testing

NDT - National Digital Twin

NDTG - National Demolition Training Group

NE - Natural England

NEC - National Exhibition Centre

NEC - New Engineering Contract

NEDB - National Exposure Data Base

NEED - National Energy Efficiency Data-Framework

NERRP - National Earthworks Risk Reduction Programme

NES - Not Elsewhere Specified

NESC - Network For Evaluating Steel Components

NF - Near Face

NFA - Net Floor Area

NFB - National Federation of Builders

NFC - Natural Fibre Composites

NFC - Near-Field Communication

NFCI - National Federation of Clay Industries

NFDC - National Federation of Demolition Contractors

NFDC - National Federation of Demolition Contractors Standard Form

NFE - No Financial Effect

NFRC - National Federation of Roofing Contractors

NFRP - Natural Fibre Reinforced Polymer

NFU - National Farmers Union

NGL - Natural Gas Liquids

NGO - Non-Governmental Organisation

NGV - Natural Gas Vehicle

NHBC - National House Building Council

NHL - National Heritage List

NHPP - National Heritage Protection Plan (English Heritage)

NHQB - New Homes Quality Board.

NHS - National Health Service

NI - Nominated Inspector

NI/TR - Policy Noise insulation and temporary re-housing policy

NIA - National Insulation Association

NIA - Nature Improvement Area.

NIA - Net Internal Area

NIHHS - Notification of Installations Handling Hazardous Substances Regulations

NIHL - Noise Induced Hearing Loss

NJCC - National Joint Contracts Committee

NLL - North London Line

NMA - Non-Material Amendment

NMDC - National Model Design Code

NMR - National Monuments Record

NMR - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

NNP - Neural Network Process

NNR - national nature reserve

NNR - National Nature Reserves

NO - Number

NOM - Nominal

NP - National Park

NPA - Notification of Proposed Amendment

NPC - Net Present Cost

NPF - National Planning Framework (Scotland)

NPI - New Product Introduction

NPIP - National Process Improvement Project

NPK - nitrogen-phosphorous-potassium

NPO - National Portfolio Organisations

NPO - Non-Productive Overtime.

NPO - Non-Profit Organisations.

NPPF - National Planning Policy Framework

NPPG - National Planning Practice Guidance website.

NPS - national plant specification

NPS - national policy statement

NPS - Nominal Pipe Size

NPSV - Net Present Social Value

NPSE - Noise Policy Statement for England

NPSE - The Noise Policy Statement for England

NPV - Net Present Value

NPwPP - Negotiated Procedure without Prior Publication

NR - Network Rail

NRA - National Rivers Authority

NRAC - National Register of Access Consultants

NRC - Noise Reduction Coefficient

NRD - Non Return Damper

NRFA - National River Flow Archive

NRFT - Not Right First Time

NRM - New Rules of Measurement - replacing SMM7

NRMM - Non-Road Mobile Machinery

NRSWA - New Roads and Street Works Act

NRV - Non Return Valve

NS - Net Savings.

NSA - National Scenic Area

NSB - Nominal Size Bypass

NSBA - National Self Build Association

NSCC - National Specialist Contractors Council Contract

NSCS - National Structural Concrete Specification

NSF - Net Square Footage

NSFC - National Natural Science Foundation of China

NSH - Night Storage Heater

NSIP - Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project

NSK - Non Standard Kerb

NSWIR - Near-to-short wavelength infrared reflectance

NT - National Trust

NTEM - National Trip End Model

NTI - New Training Initiative

NTM - National Transport Model

NTP - Normal Temperature and Pressure

NTS - non-technical summary

NTS - Not to Scale

NTSLF - National Tidal and Sea Level Facility

NUAR - National Underground Asset Register

NUI - Normally Unattended Installation

NVC - National Vegetation Classification

NVQ - National Vocational Qualification

NVZ - Nitrate Vulnerable Zone

NZCB - Net Zero Carbon Building

NZE - Net Zero Emissions


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