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Construction industry acronyms - B

This article presents a list of construction industry acronyms beginning with 'B'.

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[edit] B

B - Boiler / Bathroom / Bidet

B/ - Bottom (of)

BaBCWT - Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust

BACNET - Building Automation and Control NETwork

BACS - Building Automation and Control System

BAF - Biological Aerated Filters

BAFO - Best And Final Offer

BAILII - British and Irish Legal Information Institute

BAP - biodiversity action plan

BAS - Building Automation System

BASIR - Built Asset Security Information Requirements

BASMP - Built Asset Security Management Plan

BASS - Built Asset Security Strategy

BATNEEC - Best Available Techniques Not Entailing Excessive Cost

BB - Building Bulletin

BBA - British Board of Agrément

BBP - Better Buildings Partnership

BBSBD - British Bryological Society Bryophyte Database

BC - Before Christ

BC - Base Coat (paint)

BC - Building Control (by Statute Law & Regulation) - See BCB

BCA - British Cement Association.

BCA - Building Control Authority

BCAM - Bridges Condition Asset Management

BCB - Building Control Body. (an Approved inspector or the Local Authority Building Control)

BCC - British Ceramic Confederation

BCECA - British Chemical Engineering Contractors Association

BCF - BIM Collaboration Format

BCIS - Building Cost Information Service

BCMC - British Cable Makers Confederation

BCMI - Bridge Condition Marking Index

BCO - British Council of Offices

BCO - Building Control Officer

BCR - benefit-cost ratio

BCW - Boosted Cold Water

BCWS - Boosted Cold Water Services

BDY - Boundary

BECI - Built Environment Construction Industry

BEM - Building Energy Management.

BEM - Building Energy Model.

BEMS - Building Energy Management Systems

BEP - BIM Execution Plan

BER - Building Emission Rate

BeST - Benefits of SUDS Tool

BF - Basement Floor

BFI - Base Flow Index

BFIHOST - Base Flow Index derived using the HOST soil classification

BFM - Buiness Focussed Maintenance

BFRC - British Fenestration Rating Council

BG - British Gypsum

BGL - below ground level

BGS - British Geological Survey

BH - Beam Height

BH - Bore Hole.

BHSS - British Health and Safety Society

BHW - Boosted Hot Water

BHWS - Boosted Hot Water Services

BIAT - British Institute of Architectural Technologists

BIFM - British Institute of Facilities Management

BIG - Back Inlet Gully

BILD - Building Insurance Latent Defects

BIM - Building Information Modelling

BINDT - British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing

BIPV - Building Integrated Photovoltaic Ventilation

BIS - Department for Business Innovation and Skills

BIU - Beam In Use

BLK - Blockwork

BLR - Building Law Reports

BM - Bending Moment.

BMGV - Biological Monitoring Guidance Values (See COSHH)

BMP - Best Management Practice

BMS - Building Management Services/ System

BMTA - British Measurement and Testing Association

BMU - Building Maintenance Units

BMV - best and most versatile (agricultural land)

BMWP - Biological Monitoring Working Party

BNS - biological notification site

BoCC - birds of conservation concern

BOD - Basis of Design.

BOD - Biochemical Oxygen Demand

BOD - Bottom of Duct

BOD - Burden of Disease

BOH - Back of House

BOM - Bill of Materials

BOOT - Build Own Operate Transfer

BOP - Balance of plant

BOP - Bottom of Pipe

BOQ - Bill of Quantities

BOS - Bottom of Steel / Slab

BOT - Bottom

BOT - Build Operate Transfer

BOTDA - Brillouin Optical Time Domain Analysis

BOTDR - Brillouin Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

BPA - British Pipeline Agency

BPE - Building Performance Evaluation

BPEO - Best practicable environmental option

BPF - British Property Federation

BPG - Best Practice Guidance.

BPM - Best practicable means

BPN - Building Preservation Notice

BPRA - Business Premises Renovation Allowance

BQ - Bills of Quantities (sometimes BoQ or Bills)

BR - Building Report

BRAC - Building Regulations Advisory Committee

BRE - Building Research Establishment

BREDEM - BRE Domestic Energy Model

BREEAM - Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method

BRIC - Brazil, Russia, India and China

BriM - Bridge Information Model

BRT - Bus Rapid Transit

BRUKL - Building Regulation UK Part L report

BRW - Brick Retaining Wall

BS - British Standard

BS - Base Speaker

BS - British Standard

BS EN - British Standard European Norm

BSF - Building Schools for the Future

BSI - British Standards Institute

BSIM - Building Services Information Model

BSL - Basic Safety Limit

BSMT - Basement

BSRIA - Building Services Research and Information Association

BSTSA - British Surface Treatment Suppliers Association

BT - British Telecommunications plc

BTM - Bathroom (drawing)

BTO - British Trust for Ornithology

BUG - Building User's Guide

BUS - Building Use Study

BV - Best Value

BW - Block Wall / Brick Wall

BWF - Barbed Wire Fence.

BWF - British Woodworking Federation

BWIC - Builder's Work in Connection (building services)

BWICS - Builder's Work In Connection with Services

BWL - Brickwork

BxP - BIM Execution Plan

BYND - Beyond

BYOH - Build Your Own Home