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British Board of Agrément


[edit] Introduction

The British Board of Agrément (BBA) is an independent UK organisation that offers an approval service for construction products, systems and installers. They are the UKs major authority for providing reassurance to consumers, and achieve this through Agrément Certificates.

[edit] BBA certification

The BBA offer a range of different services, as outlined below:

[edit] Agrément certificates

An agrément certificate is issued for a successful product or system following a detailed assessment including both laboratory testing and inspections. In addition, the manufacturer is audited to ensure they have an adequate quality management system. Repeated testing is undertaken for the duration of the certificate’s validity period.

[edit] Test reports

A test report is issued by the BBA following the successful sampling of a product on a particular day.

[edit] Assessment reports

An assessment report is issued by the BBA following the successful assessment of specific properties of a product or system.

[edit] Product certification

To receive product certification, a product is tested against certain standards or other documentation.

[edit] Management systems certification

A management system can be assessed and certified to confirm that the product is manufactured in a controlled environment.

[edit] CE marking

A product with CE marking demonstrates that the manufacturer meets appropriate European legislation.

[edit] Production control

Production control ensures that manufacturers continue to produce products that conform to a technical specification.

[edit] Prototype assessment

A prototype assessment report confirms the likely performance of a prototype product at the validation stage.

[edit] Governing board

The BBA governing board is made up of executive and non-executive directors. The non-executive directors are from the UK construction industry.

[edit] UKAS accreditations

The BBA holds the following combination of United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accreditations:

  • Product approval.
  • Test bodies.
  • Site inspections.
  • ISO 9001 assessment.
  • ISO 14001 assessment.

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