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Agrément certificate

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[edit] Overview

Building Agrément documentation is issued by independent organisations such as Kiwa Building Products or the British Board of Agrément (BBA) for products, systems, building materials and processes to confirm they are fit for purpose under UK Building Regulations

= Process = In order to receive a certificate, the products and systems must pass a series of detailed, impartial assessments including: * Laboratory tests. * On-site evaluations. * Building regulations compliance checks. * Production inspections. * Consideration of statutory or non-statutory requirements. The quality management system of the manufacturer will also be audited. = Monitoring = The process is monitored throughout the validity period of the certificate (usually twice a year) and a more formal, intensive review is undertaken every three years. = Find out more = === Related articles on Designing Buildings Wiki. === * British Board of Agrment. * British standards. * CE marking. * Construction products regulations. * Kite mark. * Manufacturers certificate. * Third party accreditation. === Personal protective equipment.External references === * British Board of Agrment (BBA).