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Construction industry acronyms - F

This article presents a list of construction industry acronyms beginning with 'F'. For other letters go to the main alphabet list.

[edit] F

FA - Forms of Appointment

FA - Floor Above

FAD - Fresh Air Duct

FAME - Fatty Acid Methyl Esters

FAO - For attention of

FAP - Fire Alarm Panel

FAR - Floor Area Ratio

FAST - Function Analysis System Technique (value management)

FB - Footing Beam

FB - From Below

FBTA - From Below To Above

FC - False Ceiling

FC - Fixing Channel

FC - Flexible Connection

FCCP - Fire Curtain Control Panel

FCEC - Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors (dissolved in November 1996 and superseded by the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA))

FCL - Finished Ceiling Level

FCRM - Flood & Coastal Risk Management

FCU - Fan Coil Unit

FD - Fire Door

FD - Floor Drain

FDAS - Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

FDFAS - Fire Detection and Fire Alarm System

FEED - Front End Engineering and Design (contract)

FEM - Finite Element Method (simulation techniques)

FES - Fabric Energy Storage

FETA - Federation of Environmental Trade Associations

FF - Far Face

FF - Floor Finishes (plan)

FF - Fridge Freezer

FF&E / FFE - Furniture Fittings & Equipment

FFC - Flat Flexible Cables

FFI - Fee for Intervention (Health and Safety Executive)

FFL - Finished Floor Level

FFP - Finished Floor Plan

FFP - Filtering Facepieces

FFU - Fan Filter Unit

FGL - Finished Ground Level

FH - Fire Hydrant

FICE - Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers

FIDIC - Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils

FIM - Facilities Information Model

FIStructE - Fellow of the Institution of Structural Engineers

FIT - Feed-In Tariff

FIXT - Fixture

FL - Floor Level

FL - Floor Light

FLR - Floor

FLS - Flygt Leakage Sensor

FLS - Funding for Lending Scheme

FM - Facilities Management

FMB - Federation of Master Builders

FND - Foundation

FO - Fibre Optic

FOC - Face of Concrete

FOC - Fibre Optic Cable

FOF - Face of Finish

FOG - Flat over Garage

FOPS - Falling Object Protective Structure

FOS - Face of Stud

FoS - Factor of Safety

FP - Foamed Polyethylene

FPC - Factory Production Control

FPC - Flat Printed Circuits

FPL - Fireplace

FPS - Functional Performance Specification

FR - Fire Rated

FR - Fire-Resistant

FRA - Flood Risk Assessment (Flood risk management plans)

FRD - Fire Rated Ductwork

FRI - Full Repairing and Insuring (Lease)

FRL - Fibre Reinforced Laminate

FRMP - Flood Risk Management Plan

FRP - Fibre Reinforced Plastic

FRP - Fibre Reinforced Polymer

FRS - Fire and Rescue Service

FRSD - Fire and Rescue Service Directorate

FS - Fire Strategy (drawing)

FS - Fixing Strap

FS - Fused Spur

FSC - Federal Standard Colour

FSC - Forest Stewardship Council

FSI - Floor Space Index

FTG - Footing