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A view of the English Channel, as seen from the Cliffs of Dover.

The International Levee Handbook, published by CIRIA in 2013, provides four different definitions of the term, channel in the context of water and waterways:

  1. A natural or artificial waterway of perceptible extent that (is) either periodically or continuously contains moving water or that forms a connecting link between two bodies of water.
  2. The part of a body of water deep enough to be used for navigation through an area otherwise too shallow for navigation (synonym: sail line).
  3. The deepest part of a stream, bay or strait through which the main volume or current of water flows.
  4. A large strait, such as the English Channel.

It may also refer to a steel section such as a C-channel or a U-channel, or to a means of transmitting information - such as a social media channel or television channel.

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