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Fused spur

A fused spur is an electrical supply accessory that incorporates a fuse. This fuse, with a lower rating than the fuse for a ring man, allows an electrical supply using one feed cable to a socket to be taken off a ring main.

Fused spurs commonly used, as an alternative to a conventional socket, for the installation of powerful electrical appliances that need to be installed without a plug, such as washing machines, electric heaters, dishwashers, fridges, and so on. For safety and maintenance purposes, these sorts of appliances may require installation on a separate cable from the ring main.

Switched fused spurs include a manual on/off switch, while unswitched fused spurs do not.

Fused spur.jpg Single switched fused spur.jpg
switched fused spur electrical symbol for switched fused spur

A variation is a double pole fused spur switch which incorporates an extra isolation feature. This makes the switch safer to use as it separates the live and neutral wires.

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