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Space classifications for lighting controls

According to the Non-domestic building services compliance guide, 2013 edition, published by HM Government, the space classifications for lighting control purposes are:

  • Owned space: A space such as a small room for one or two people who control the lighting such as a cellular office or consulting room.
  • Share space: A multi-occupied area such as an open-plan office or factory production area.
  • Temporarily owned space: A space where people are expected to operate the lighting controls while they are there such as a hotel room or meeting room.
  • Occasionally visited space: A space where people generally stay for a relatively short period of time such as a storeroom or toilet.
  • Unowned space: A space where individual users require lighting but are not expected to operate the lighting controls such as a corridor or atrium.
  • Managed space: A space where lighting is under the control of a responsible person such as a hotel lounge, restaurant or shop.

NB: More detail can be found in BRE Information Part IP6/96 People and lighting controls and BRE Digest 498 Selecting lighting controls.

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