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The impact of lighting in retail design


[edit] Introduction

In the world of retail with ever more savvy shoppers and image-conscious consumers, first impressions are everything. From the signage to window displays, the smell of premises to its cleanliness, most customers will make up their minds about a shop within the first few seconds. And once they’ve been made, first impressions are hard to change, so it is important get it right.

One of the biggest influences on the look and feel of any retail space is lighting. From soft and subtle to bright and bold, the architectural style of lighting will have a big impact on how customers perceive a business whether they realise it or not.

[edit] Luxury

Like the products that they sell, the lighting in luxury retailers is normally subtle, sophisticated and flattering.

Warm colours, toned down lights and stylish accessories help to create an exclusive look, with high-end retailers often choosing to significantly lower the brightness of their lights. Brisbane1-Psaspaley 1.jpg

Photo credit: The Light Lab

Lighting in luxury retailers is generally ambient, with few fluorescent lights or spotlights unless they are being used to highlight an area of the store or a selected product or display.

High-end store lighting designs often use classic materials like metal, wood and glass to create stunning chandeliers, lamps and floor and ceiling lights.

Chandelier 1.jpg

Photo credit: The Light Lab

[edit] Quirky

For some clothing boutiques and independent retailers, an eye-catching, quirky lighting design is the perfect way to attract attention and encourage customers to shop.

Almost anything can be used to create a quirky lighting design, with salvaged materials, vintage and other unusual objects used to create unique lighting features.

Quirky lighting doesn’t need to be as soft or subtle as luxury lighting, with fluorescent and bare bulbs often adding to the overall look of the lighting scheme.

[edit] Statement

One of the best ways to make a shop really stand out on the high street is to instal a statement lighting feature.

As long as it’s big, bold and beautiful, a statement feature can be made out of anything. A lighting designer will be able to conjure up some wild and wonderful creations from their imagination.

With lighting having such a big impact on the look and feel of a retail space, business owners that want to make their venture a success need to focus on creating the perfect design for their space.

Sushi shamba.jpg

Photo credit: The Light Lab

For lighting manufacture, design and fitting that shows customers a shop is 'on trend', creating spaces that they want to spend time in and to make the most of the link between lighting and consumer behaviour, choose a lighting designer with a proven portfolio of professional, on-point projects.

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