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Retail designers

A retail designer (also referred to as a visual marketing specialist or merchandising designer) ensures that a store's merchandising plan fits the space available in a profitable way. Retail and visual merchandisers are specialists in determining the needs of the store's clients. They will catch the consumer's eye and create new desires along the way. All of this can be done by someone with a keen eye who does a lot of research.

Visual merchandisers create the lure to get customers into the store. This often starts with the window displays. Mannequins and lighting designs can help to draw in customers. Once inside, customers should see products arranged in a logical fashion so they can easily make their way around the store.

Showcases should be strategically placed to guide customers deeper and deeper into the store. Impulse buy displays should finish out the design. They are generally located in areas where customers will be passing once they've decided to leave the store. Near the register and near the door are good places to make that last ditch effort in selling a few more items.

For small retail spaces, the design team may suggest using the walls to maximise possible display areas. Gridwalls and slatwalls can help to display merchandise in small areas. These displays face the merchandise outward, so it can be more easily seen, even from outside the store.


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