Last edited 25 Apr 2019

Display window

According to Approved Document L2B: conservation of fuel and power in existing buildings other than dwellings, the term ‘display window' refers to:

…an area of glazing, including glazed doors, intended for the display of products or services on sale within the building, positioned at the external perimeter of the building, at an access level and immediately adjacent to a pedestrian thoroughfare. There should be no permanent workspace within one glazing height of the perimeter. Glazing that extends beyond 3 m above such an access level is not part of a display window except:

  • Where the products on display require a greater height of glazing.
  • In existing buildings, when replacing display windows that already extend to a greater height.
  • In cases of building Work involving changes to the facade and glazing and requiring planning consent, where planners have discretion to require a greater height of glazing, e.g. to fit in with surrounding buildings or to match the character of the existing facade.

It is expected that display windows will be found in buildings in the following planning use classes :

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