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Construction industry acronyms - D

This article presents a list of construction industry acronyms beginning with 'D'. For other letters go to the main alphabet list.

[edit] D

D - Diameter

D&A - Design & Access Statement

DA - Daylight Autonomy

DAB - Dispute Adjudication Board

DAC - Design Allocation Checklist

DALI - Digital Addressable Lighting Interface

DAR - Dressed All Round (timber finish)

DAS - Design & Access Statement

dB - Decibel

DB - Design and Build

DB - Door Bell

DB - Dry bulb

dB(A) - Decibels on the A weighted scale

DBA - Design Basis Accident

DBFO - Design Build Finance Operate

DBL - Double

DBO - Design Build Operate

DBP - Design Best Practice

DBR - Design Brief Report

DBT - Dry Bulb Temperature

DC - Deep Flange [British Gypsum]

DC - Direct Chill

DC - Direct Current

DC - Drain Cock

DCD - Duty of Care Deed

DCF - Discounted Cash Flow

DCLG - Department for Communities and Local Government (Now the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG))

DCMS - Department for Culture Media and Sport

DCO - Development Consent Order

DCOA - Deregulation and Contracting Out Act 1994

DCP - Defects Correction Period

DCV - Demand Controlled Ventilation

DCV - Double Check Valve

DD - Draft for Development

DDA - Disability Discrimination Act ( now repealed and replaced by the Equality Act)

DDC - Direct Digital Control

DDI - Direct Dialling In

DDMS - Design Deliverables Monitoring Schedule

DDS - Due Diligence System

DE - District Energy

DEC - Display Energy Certificate

DECC - Department of Energy and Climate Change

DEEP - Design Excellence Evaluation Process (for defence projects).

DEFRA - Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

DEHO - District Environmental Health Officer

DEHS - Director of Environmental Health Services

DEL - Departmental Expenditure Limit

DEM - Domestic Energy Model

DEMO - Demolition

DER - Design (carbon dioxide) Emission Rate

DER - Dwelling Emission Rate (see emission rates)

DET - Detail (drawing)

DF - Daylight Factor

DfD - Design for Deconstruction

DFE - Decorative Fuel Effect fire

DFEE - Design Fabric Energy Efficiency

DFG - Disabled Facilities Grants

DFM - Dust, Fume and Mist

DfMA - Design for Manufacture and Assembly

DFP - Douglas Fir Plywood

DH - Duty Holder

DHS - Design for Health & Safety

DHW - Domestic Hot Water

DHWS - Domestic Hot Water Services

DIA - Diameter

DIM - Dimension

DIM - Document Issue Matrix

DIP - Document Image Processing

DIR - Design Input Requirements

DIS - Draft International Standard

DJ - Denotes Joist

DL - Dead Load

DL - Drawing List

DM - Demolition (plan)

DM - Design Manager

DMC - Domestic Material Consumption

DMP - Design Management Plan

DMPO - Development Management Procedure Order (2010)

DMS - Document Management System


DNO - Distribution Network Operator.

DNO - District Network Operator

DO - Door Opening

DoP - Declaration of Performance

DOV - Drain Off Valve

DP - Damp Proofing

DP - Depth

DP - Dimmer Panel

DP - Disabled person

DP - Distribution Panel

DP - Down Pipe

DPC - Damp Proof Course

DPD - Development Plan Document

DPDT - Double Pole Double Throw Switch

DPM - Damp Proof Membrane

DPP - Design & Procurement Programme

DPS - Dynamic Purchasing Systems

DPST - Double Pole Single Throw Switch

DPT - Dew Point Temperature

DQI - Design Quality Indicator

DQRA - Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment

DR - Demand- Response
DSL - Digital Subscriber Line.

DR - Door

DR - Dryer

DRB - Dispute Resolution Board

DRG - Drawing

DRM - Design Responsibility Matrix

DRM - Design Risk Management

DRR - Dispute Resolution Review

DRS - Document Release Schedule

DS - Design Services

DS - District Surveyor

DSAC - Design Safety Analysis and Control

DSC - Design Safety Case

DSE - Display Screen Equipment (Form)

DSER - Doorset Energy Rating

DSM - Approved Dynamic Simulation Models (see National Calculation Method)

DSSO - Double Switched Socket Outlet

DTA - Differential Thermal Analysis

DTL - Detail

DTM - Design Team Meeting

DTM - Dynamic Thermal Modeling

DTS - Deemed to Satisfy

DTS - Dynamic Thermal Simulation

DU - Discharge Unit

DVR - Digital Video Recorder

DW - Dishwasher

DW - Ductwork

DWF - Design Web Format

DWG - Drawing (AutoCAD file format)

DX - Direct Exchange

DX - Direct Expansion