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The term 'digital' can be defined as; 'A branch of engineering knowledge and practice that deals with the creation and practical use of data or computerised devices, methods, systems and processes'. Ref The Gemini Principles. Centre for Digital Built Britain. December 2018.

In the UK construction industry, it is expected that building information modelling (BIM) will combine with the internet of things (IOT), advanced data analytics and the digital economy, allowing us to plan more effectively, build at a lower cost and operate more efficiently.

The UK government’s programme to create a digital, integrated approach to the built environment, to deliver services and growth, is referred to as 'Digital Built Britain' and is expected to; ‘…deliver reductions in whole-life costs and carbon emissions, whilst improving productivity and capacity by using intelligent building information models, sensing technology and secure data and information infrastructure. It will also help deliver other Government digital transformation objectives, such as smart cities, cyber and physical security and sensors through the Internet of Things.'

For more information see: Digital Built Britain.

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