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Construction industry acronyms - G

This article presents a list of construction industry acronyms beginning with 'G'. For other letters go to the main alphabet list.

[edit] G

GA - General Arrangement

G - Gully

GA - General Arrangement

GAB - GypLyner Acoustic Brace

GAI - Guild of Architectural Ironmongers

GB - Glass Block

GB - Gypsum Board

GC - Government Conditions of contract (GC Works, no longer being updated)

GCB - Green Construction Board

GCS - Government Construction Strategy

GDA - Green Deal Assessor

GDL - Geometric Description Language

GDO - General Development Order

GDP - Gross Domestic Product

GDPO - Town and Country Planning (General Development Procedure) Order

GDV - Gross Development Value

GEA - Gross External Area

GEML - Galvanised Expanded Metal Lath

GFA - Gross Floor Area

GFP - Guaranteed Fixed Price

GGBS - Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag

gglass - centre-of-glass g-value

GGT - Gas Tracer Tests

GHEU - Government Historic Estates Unit

GHG - Greenhouse Gas

GHP - Geothermal Heat Pump

GIA - Gross Internal Area

GIF - Graphics Interchange Format

GIFA - Gross Internal Floor Area

GIS - Geographical Information System

GL - Ground Level

GL - GypLyner [British Gypsum]

GLA - Greater London Authority

GLHER - Greater London Historic Environmental Record

GMP - Guaranteed Maximum Price

GN - Guidance Note

GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite System

GPA - Government Procurement Agreement

GPM - Good Practice Measures.

GPR - Ground Penetration Radar (Utilities Survey)

GPS - Global Positioning System

GQRA - Generic Quantitative Risk Assessment

GR - Gyproc

GRG - Glass-Reinforced Gyproc

GRP - Glass-Reinforced Plastic

GRP - Glass-Reinforced Polyester (Figreglass) (cladding, panels, & mouldings)

GSF - Gross Square Footage

GSHP - Ground Source Heat Pump

GSIUR - The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998

GSL - Government Soft Landings

GUID's - Global Unique ID’s

G-value - solar heat Gain value of glazing

GVD - General Vesting Declaration (see compulsory purchase order)

GWB - Gypsum Wall Board

GWH - Gas Water Heater

gwindow - whole window g-value

GWL - Ground Water Level

GWP - Global Warming Potential

GWR - GypWall Rapid (Channel)