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Product Data Sheet

When a manufacturer completes a Product Data Template using online data software the created output is called a Product Data Sheet (PDS). A Product Data Sheet summarises the performance and other technical characteristics of each construction product, material or component according to specific regulatory, market or client-specific requirements that have been incorporated in the template’s mechanism.

A PDS is like a product’s passport – it is traceable to the manufacturer and unique for the construction product. PDSs allow the whole supply chain to benefit from the most accurate, up-to-date manufacturer’s data, delivered by the most credible source.

In addition, having data as opposed to PDFs or CDs allows for automation. Manufacturers can integrate their PDSs repository software with their PIM, DAM or ERP systems to ensure that the data held in the PDS is always up-to-date. They can also choose the PDSs as their single source of truth (SSoT) and automatically update further third-party systems with the most accurate data.

PDSs can be populated with construction product data by roles other than the manufacturer. Such PDSs are often referred to as 'project-specific' PDSs, because their author can verify the accuracy of the data held in the PDS during a limited period of time.

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