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Common arrangement of work sections classification

The Common Arrangement of Work Sections (CAWS), provides a consistent arrangement for specifications and bills of quantities. For more information see Common Arrangement of Work Sections.

The Common Arrangement of Work Sections sub-classification is listed below:

A: Preliminaries

B: Complete buildings / structures / units

B11 Prefabricated building units
B12 Conservatories
B13 Modular buildings
B14 Prefabricated panelled constructions
B15 Prefabricated framed constructions
B50 General structural requirements
B91 Buildings in the landscape

C: Demolition / alteration / renovation

C10 Site survey
C11 Site investigation
C20 Demolition
C30 Shoring / facade retention
C40 Cleaning masonry / cleaning concrete
C41 Repairing / renovating / conserving masonry
C42 Repairing / renovating / conserving concrete
C45 Damp proof course renewal / insertion
C46 Cavity wall tie renewal / insertion
C51 Repairing / renovating / conserving timber
C52 Fungus / beetle eradication
C90 Alterationsspot items

D: Groundwork

D20 Excavating and filling
D21 Ground gas collection and venting systems
D30 Piling
D40 Embedded retaining walls
D41 Crib walls, gabions and other gravity retaining walls
D45 Soil nailing
D50 Underpinning

E: In situ concrete / large precast concrete

E05 In situ concrete construction generally
E10 Mixing / casting / curing in situ concrete
E11 Sprayed in situ concrete
E20 Formwork for in situ concrete
E30 Reinforcement for in situ concrete
E40 Designed joints in in situ concrete
E41 Worked finishes to in situ concrete
E42 Accessories cast into in situ concrete
E60 Precast / composite concrete floors / roof decks

F: Masonry

F10 Brick / block walling
F11 Glass block walling
F20 Natural stone rubble walling
F21 Natural stone / ashlar walling / dressings
F22 Cast stone ashlar walling / dressings
F30 Accessories / sundry items for brick / block / stone walling
F31 Precast concrete sills / lintels / copings / features
F42 Straw bale walling systems

G: Structural / carcassing metal / timber

G10 Structural steel framing
G12 Isolated structural metal members
G20 Carpentry / timber framing / first fixing
G30 Metal profiled sheet decking

H: Cladding / covering

H10 Patent glazing
H11 Curtain walling
H13 Structural glass assemblies
H14 Precast concrete and glass lens / paver rooflights / floor lights / pavement lights / security panels
H20 Rigid sheet cladding
H21 Timber weatherboarding
H22 Plastics weatherboarding
H30 Fibre cement profiled sheet cladding / covering
H31 Metal profiled / flat sheet cladding / covering
H32 Plastics profiled sheet cladding / covering
H40 Glass fibre reinforced concrete panel cladding / components
H41 Glass fibre reinforced plastics cladding / features
H42 Precast concrete panel cladding / features
H43 Metal composite panel cladding / features
H51 Natural stone slab cladding / lining / features
H60 Plain roof tiling
H61 Fibre cement slating
H62 Natural slating
H64 Wood shingle and shake roofing
H65 Single lap roof tiling
H67 Metal single lap roof tiling
H71 Lead sheet coverings / flashings
H72 Aluminium strip / sheet coverings / flashings
H73 Copper strip / sheet coverings / flashings
H74 Zinc strip / sheet coverings / flashings
H75 Stainless steel strip / sheet coverings / flashings
H90 Tensile fabric coverings
H91 Thatch roofing
H92 Rainscreen cladding

J: Waterproofing

J10 Cementitious mortar tanking / damp proofing
J20 Mastic asphalt tanking / damp proofing
J21 Mastic asphalt roofing / insulation / finishes
J30 Liquid applied tanking / damp proofing
J31 Liquid applied waterproof roof coatings
J40 Flexible sheet waterproofing / damp proofing
J41 Reinforced bitumen membrane roof coverings
J42 Single layer polymeric sheet roof coverings
J44 Sheet linings for pools / lakes / waterways

K: Linings / sheathing / dry partitioning

K10 Plasterboard dry linings / partitions / ceilings
K11 Rigid sheet flooring / sheathing / decking / sarking / linings / casings
K12 Under perlin / Inside rail panel linings
K13 Rigid sheet fine linings and panelling
K20 Timber board flooring / sarking / linings / casings
K21 Wood strip /board fine flooring / linings
K30 Panel partitions
K32 Panel cubicles / duct and wall linings / screens
K40 Demountable suspended ceilings
K41 Raised access floors
K45 Suspended ceiling system alterations
K46 Raised floor system alterations

L: Windows / doors / stairs

L10 Windows / rooflights / screens / louvres
L20 Doors / shutters / hatches
L30 Stairs / ladders / walkways / handrails / balustrades
L35 Fixed utilitarian access systems
L40 General glazing

M: Surface finishes

M10 Cement based levelling / wearing screeds
M11 Mastic asphalt flooring / floor underlays
M12 Resin flooring
M13 Calcium sulfate based levelling screeds
M20 Plastered / rendered / roughcast coatings
M21 Insulation with rendered finish
M22 Sprayed monolithic coatings
M30 Metal lathing / anchored mesh reinforcement for plastered / rendered coatings
M40 Stone / concrete / quarry / ceramic tiling / mosaic
M41 Terrazzo tiling / In situ terrazzo
M42 Wood block / composition block / mosaic parquet flooring
M50 Rubber / plastics / cork / lino / carpet tiling / sheeting
M51 Edge fixed carpeting
M52 Decorative papers / fabrics
M60 Painting / clear finishing
M61 Intumescent coatings for fire protection of steelwork

N: Furniture / equipment

N10 General fixtures / furnishings / equipment
N11 Domestic kitchen fittings, furnishings and equipment
N12 Commercial catering fittings, furnishings and equipment
N13 Sanitary appliances and fittings
N14 General internal signage systems
N15 Internal fire and safety signage systems
N16 Bird and vermin control systems
N17 Portable fire fighting systems
N25 Permanent access and safety equipment
N91 External signage and interpretation

P: Building fabric sundries

P10 Sundry insulation / proofing work
P11 Foamed / fibre / bead cavity wall insulation
P12 Fire stopping systems
P20 Unframed isolated trims / skirtings / sundry items
P21 Door / window ironmongery
P30 Trenches, pipeways and pits for buried engineering services
P31 Holes, chases, covers and supports for services

Q: Paving / planting / fencing / site furniture

Q10 Kerbs / edgings / channels / paving accessories
Q20 Granular sub-bases to roads / pavings
Q21 In situ concrete roads / pavings / bases
Q22 Asphalt roads / pavings
Q23 Gravel / hoggin / woodchip / resin bound roads / pavings / overlays
Q24 Interlocking brick / block roads / pavings
Q25 Slab / brick / sett / cobble pavings
Q26 Special surfacings / pavings for sport / general amenity
Q28 Topsoil and soil ameliorants
Q30 Seeding / turfing
Q31 External planting
Q32 Internal and artificial planting
Q35 Landscape maintenance
Q37 Green roofs
Q40 Fencing
Q41 Barriers / guardrails
Q50 Site / street furniture / equipment
Q52 Play and sports equipment
Q55 External decks, boardwalks and bridges

R: Disposal systems

R10 Rainwater drainage systems
R11 Above ground foul drainage systems
R12 Below ground drainage systems
R13 Land drainage
R16 Groundwater pressure relief drainage
R17 Soakaway, septic tank and sewage treatment units
R18 Pumping stations and pressure pipelines

S: Piped supply systems

S14 Irrigation
S15 Fountains / water features
S17 Water reclamation systems
S90 Hot and cold water supply systems - domestic
S91 Natural gas supply systems - domestic
S92 Sprinkler systems - domestic

T: Mechanical heating / cooling / refrigeration systems

T90 Heating systems - domestic

U: Ventilation / air conditioning systems

U90 General ventilation - domestic

V: Electrical supply / power / lighting systems

V90 Electrical systems - domestic
V91 Electrical systems - landscape

W: Communications / security / control systems

W53 Assistance call systems
W90 Communications and security systems - domestic

X: Transport systems

X12 Vertical platform lift systems
X13 Inclined stairlift systems

Z: Building fabric reference specification

Z10 Purpose made joinery
Z11 Purpose made metalwork
Z12 Preservative / fire retardant treatment
Z20 Fixings and adhesives
Z21 Mortars
Z22 Sealants
Z31 Powder coatings
Z33 Anodizing

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