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Types of building

The word ‘building’ is commonly considered to refer to an enclosed structure within which people can perform activities. The Building Regulations suggest that the word 'building' refers to: ‘...any permanent or temporary building but not any other kind of structure or erection’. For more information see: Construction works.

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There are many ways of classifying types of building, including:

  • Construction type.
  • Use.
  • Size.
  • Style.
  • Period.
  • Design (for example, form, structure etc).
  • Performance (for example, energy consumption, accessibility etc).
  • Legal definition.
  • Nature of occupancy / ownership.

This article presents a list of common types of building alphabetically (rather than by any one type of classification) with links to articles providing further information. To add to the list, click ‘Edit this article’ above.

See Also: Architectural styles and Use class.

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