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Construction industry timeline

This page has been created to highlight key events in the construction industry, such as changes in policy, legislation etc. The oldest items appear last.


[edit] 2019

Carbon Reduction Commitment will be abolished and replaced, in a revenue neutral way, with an increase in the Climate Change Levy.

Architectural apprenticeships are due to start. See Construction apprenticeships and Architectural training.

8 April 2019, first phase of Ultra Low Emission Zone comes into force.

[edit] 2018

September 2018. Organisations must have migrated their environmental management system to the 2015 of ISO 14001 to receive third party certification.

Spring 2018. The first National Infrastructure Assessment is due to be published.

12 January 2018. Responses required to consultation on the Interim National Infrastructure Assessment, Congestion, Capacity, Carbon.

The Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) will refresh the Government Construction Strategy.

[edit] 2017

End of 2017. National Infrastructure Commission to have reported on emerging technologies.

September 2017, All existing construction related occupation cards will expire by the end of September 2017.

1 Sept 2017. EN 81-50 provides the framework for design and testing of elevator components. Comes into force.

2 June 2017. HSE consultation on Fee for intervention closes.

May / June. The final version is expected of PAS 1192-6 is expected be adopted.

16th May 2017. EU member states must implement changes to EIA legislation.

17 April 2017, Consultation closed on Building our Industrial Strategy: green paper.

6 April 2017, Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill payment provisions came into force.

April 2017. Budget tax changes.

April 2017. Apprenticeships levy became operational.

April 2017. Immigration skills charge started.

1 April 2017. Building Control Performance Standard 7: Communications and records came in to force.

1 April 2017. Building Control Performance Standard 6: Site inspections came in to force.

28 March 2017. Consultation closed on PAS 1192-6.

21 March 2017. Consultation closed on the future of the Construction Industry Training Board.

March 2017, Energy company obligation ECO2 ended. However, In January 2017, it as announced that the scheme would be extended to September 2018 and that there would an increased focus on low income and vulnerable homes.

March 2017, Construction related occupation cards will no longer be issued.

2017. Local plans must be in place or the Government will intervene to arrange for a local plan to be written.

2017. Government grants for cleaning up contaminated land, administered by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, will be phased out, ending in 2017.

21 February 2017. Government launched consultation on the future of the Construction Industry Training Board.

January 2017. Changes to special measures thresholds will come into force unless opposed by parliament.

31 January 2017, Consultation closes on proposed changes to Environmental Impact Assessment legislation.

23 January 2017, Building our Industrial Strategy: green paper published.

1 January 2017, Approved document R came into force.

1 January 2017. New ARB code of conduct came into force.

[edit] 2016

31 December 2016, Mortgage Guarantee Scheme (part of help to buy) closed to new loans.

12 December 2016. CIOB Academy launched.

11 December 2016, Consultation closed on A City for all Londoners.

9 December 2016. Consultation closes on Clean Air Zones.

October 2016, UK BIM Alliance formally launched.

Autumn 2016, National needs assessment for UK infrastructure to be published by National Infrastructure Commission panel.

5 August 2016, National Infrastructure Commission consultation closed.

3 August 2016, Consultation on Heat Networks Investment Project closed.

1 August 2016, Right to Buy ended in Scotland.

May 23 2016 - Dept for Transport consultation on cycling and walking closed.

May 2016, Blacklisting case heard in the High Court.

May 2016, PAS 2080 was published by BSI.

End of April 2016, International Ethics Coalition consultation closed.

6 April 2016, The introduction of The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 (Electronic Communications) Order 2016 means that notices and other documents can be served by electronic communications.

4 April 2016. Level 2 BIM required for all centrally-procured public sector projects. Government Soft Landings mandated on public projects, alongside Level 2 BIM.

1 April 2016, Councils must hold a register of custom and self builders who require land in their area and must make sure they look to provide land to meet their needs. See Self build and custom housebuilding registers.

24 March 2016, Responses required for Homes and Communities Agency review call for evidence.

March 2016, NIC report puiblished. See National Infrastructure Commission call for evidence.

March 2016, Findings of Bonfield Review expected - but not published.

1 March 2016. New legislation under the Planning (Wales) Act came into force.

29 February. End of CLC consultation on skills shortage. See Government calls on the construction industry to build home grown talent.

22 February 2016, end of consultation on proposed changes to national planning policy.

1 February 2016, Health and safety offences, corporate manslaughter and food safety and hygiene offences definitive guideline came into effect.

Early 2016, Report from expert panel to streamline local plan-making process.

Early 2016, Relaunch of Construction supply chain payment charter.

January 2016, European regulation on online dispute resolution became law.

29 January 2016, Second reading was expected of Basement Excavation (Restriction of Permitted Development) Bill, however it was withdrawn and will not progress further.

16 January 2016, Cutting Red Tape review review closed for comments.

15 January, call for contributions to the CIL review ended.

8 January 2016, National Infrastructure Commission call for evidence closed.

1 January 2016, the Infrastructure and Projects Authority came into existence from the merger of Infrastructure UK and the Major Projects Authority (which no longer exist separately).

1 January 2016, NHBC technical standards 2014 replaced by 2016 edition.

I January 2016, Amendment 3 BS 7671 Requirements for Electrical Installations IET Wiring Regulations came into force in relation to consumer units.

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