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Building Peoples Network of Networks

Building People networks image 1000.jpg


[edit] The Building People Communities Network

Amplifying the voices of organisations that work with under-represented groups

There are many disparate organisations that provide construction and built environment careers support to people from diverse and under-represented groups.

Building People brings these organisations and initiatives together to facilitate discussion, collaboration and change. We amplify the voices of the under-represented, empowering and promoting a ‘Network of Networks’ that has the reach into the people our sector needs.

This network is open to all organisations and initiatives that work with under-represented groups to facilitate construction and built environment careers.

You can see who has joined in below. We’re so proud of this network and all the brilliant work we collectively deliver.

[edit] Race and Ethnicity

PW Race and Ethnicity.jpg
PW 1 BAME 350.jpg PW 2 BFA 350.jpg PW 3 BWRE 350.jpg
PW 4 JHIVE 350.jpg PW 5 Div Surv 350.jpg PW 6 Div Tlk RE 350.jpg
PW 7 PP 350.jpg PW 8 Renaisi 350.jpg PW 9 Lnd Coll 350.jpg

[edit] Ex-Military

PW EX military.jpg
PW 11 build force 350.jpg PW 12 buildg heroes 350.jpg PW 13 career forces 350.jpg
PW 14 RECCE 350.jpg

[edit] Criminal Justice

PW Criminal Justice.jpg
PW 21 Fair choice 350.jpg PW 22 Bounce Back 350.jpg PW 23 Forward Trust 350.jpg

[edit] Disability, Neurodiversity and well being

PW DN and WB.jpg
PW 31 Ability re 350.jpg PW 32 construct ability 350.jpg PW 33 Deaf Arch Frnt 350.jpg
PW 34 HW in Plnng 350.jpg PW 35 J Simpson Acc 350.jpg PW 36 mates in mind 350.jpg
PW 37 neuroD Arch Ntwrk 350.jpg PW 38 neuroD in plnng 350.jpg

[edit] LGBTQ+

PW 41 building equality 350.jpg PW 42 freehold logo 350.jpg PW 43 LGBT prop proffs 350.jpg
PW 44 planning out 350.jpg

[edit] Refugees

PW Refugees.jpg
PW 51 renaisi 350.jpg PW 52 transitions 350.jpg

[edit] Gender

PW Gender.jpg
PW 61 BFA 350 copy.jpg PW 62 BWRE 350 copy.jpg PW 63 Div Tlk RE 350 copy.jpg
PW 64 lets build 350.jpg PW 65 NAWIC 350.jpg PW 66 PP 350 copy.jpg
PW 67 RE BALANCE 350.jpg PW 68 REG TRADES WOMEN 350.jpg PW 69 RE WOMEN 350.jpg
PW 70 STOPCOCKS 350.jpg PW 71 W In BIM 350.jpg PW 72 W In constr 350.jpg
PW 73 W In prop 350.jpg PW 74 yr energy yr way 350.jpg
PW Youth.jpg
PW 80 AccXel 350.jpg PW 81 causeway ed 350.jpg PW 82 class of yr own 350.jpg
PW 83 constr yth trust 350.jpg PW 84 CICAT 350.jpg PW 85 CSTT 350.jpg
PW 86 en-able 350.jpg PW 87 evolve 350.jpg PW 88 evolve yr future 350.jpg
PW 88 Gement 350.jpg PW 89 GUC 350.jpg PW 90 JBT 350.jpg
PW 91 MandF 350.jpg PW 92 Majours Fund 350.jpg PW 93 MOBIE 350.jpg
PW 94 REGEN BRAINERY 350.jpg PW 95 share apprentiships 350.jpg PW 96 stempiont east 350.jpg
PW 9 Lnd Coll 350.jpg PW 98 Urban Land Inst 350.jpg PW 99 VIY 350.jpg
PW 100 YB UK 350.jpg PW 101 Youth Build 350.jpg

This article and resource is based on the work of Building People on their network page used with permission for further information visit

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