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Building People

[edit] Connecting people to opportunities across the built environment

Building People CIC is a social enterprise with a clear plan: create one place that aggregates content and opportunities from across the built environment (architecture, engineering and construction), then connect people to information, resource and vacancies through digitally enabling existing organisations/initiatives.

How is Building People doing this? By committing to collaborating and to never duplicate effort, and through the development of a ‘single marketplace’ technology platform that underpins the websites of others, enriching content and adding value to the individual without disrupting the user experience.

The proof of concept platform has been developed with the Chartered Surveyors Training Trust (CSTT), made possible by collaboration with 60 other organisations, and with the support of founding partners: CSTT, The Chartered Surveyors' Company and University College of Estate Management. This initial platform focuses on surveying and provides an 'information repository' that underpins the CSTT website, amplifying the voices of 22 surveying-focused providers by bringing together 48 pieces of content in one place.

Building People was founded as a Community Interest Company by Rebecca Lovelace (Chief Dot-joiner) in 2017 who asked industry "doesn't it make sense to create one place that brings together the fragmented activities taking place across the built environment, not reinventing what already exists, but aggregating, enabling and connecting?". If you are looking for organisations that deliver work, learning and/or support activities to diverse and under-represented audiences, e.g. women, refugees, ex-military, Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) individuals, ex-offenders or young people, have a look at Building People and join in.

Are you Building People? Creating a collaborative framework for industry will only work if we all join in, so please get involved and help improve diversity, increase competent labour supply and maximise social and economic value – together.

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