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BREEAM UK New Construction 2018 changes summary


[edit] Introduction

This is a simple summary of the main changes only from a working assessor

[edit] Related resources

[edit] Management

[edit] Man03 – Responsible Construction Practices:

[edit] Man04 – Commissioning and Handover: (n/a to shell assessments)

[edit] Health and Wellbeing

[edit] Hea01 – Visual Comfort :

[edit] Hea02 – Indoor Air Quality :

[edit] Hea06 – Security :

[edit] Hea07 – Safe Access and Healthy Surroundings :

[edit] Energy

[edit] Ene01 – Reduction of Energy Use and Carbon Emissions :

[edit] Ene03 – External Lighting :

[edit] Ene08 – Energy Efficient Equipment : (n/a to shell or shell and core assessments)

[edit] Transport

[edit] Tra01 – Transport Assessment and Travel Plan :

[edit] Tra02 – Sustainable Transport Measures:

[edit] Materials

[edit] Mat01 – Environmental Impacts from Construction Products - LCA :


[edit] Mat02 – Environmental Impacts from Construction Products - EPD:

  • A maximum of 4 points can be achieved under each category, although there are no weightings or restrictions placed on the amount or volume of materials specified with EPDs, which could be exploited.

[edit] Mat03 – Responsible Sourcing of Materials:

[edit] Waste

[edit] Wst01 – Construction Site Waste Management:

[edit] Wst02 – Use of Recycled and Sustainably Sourced Aggregates:

  • The way this issue is assessed and scored has been changed radically. Points are calculated based on aggregate type, amount, distance travelled and region aggregate was located.

[edit] Wst06 – Design for Disassembly and Adaptability:

  • This issue is now split into 2 credits – one for recommendations (Stage 1-2) and one for Implementation (Stage 4). Additional focus on disassembly.

[edit] Land Use and Ecology

[edit] LE02- LE05 :

[edit] Pollution

[edit] Pol02 – Local Air Quality

[edit] Pol03 – Flood and Surface Water Management :

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--Jane Morning 17:02, 16 Jul 2018 (BST)

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