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The benefits of security gates and access-control solutions for business premises

The fewer people can access an area, the fewer people can create disruption or damage within that area. If that seems like a harsh statement then remember that disruption and damage can be caused by accident or trickery and that everyone can make a mistake.

It is therefore very wise to take the precaution of investing in robust security gates and access-control solutions for your business premises.

Here are some specific ways they can help safeguard a business and the livelihood it brings.


[edit] Security gates effectively protect your perimeter

Securing your perimeter is the number one rule in security (both physical and digital) and it holds that position for a very good reason. People can only hurt you if they can get access to you. If you can hold them off at the perimeter then they can look but they cannot touch.

Premises which are directly accessible from public walkways are at a distinct disadvantage, although they can still use security doors and blinds.

Premises with a bit of ground between them and the general public can use this space to their advantage by putting up solid barriers, with limited points of entry, ideally in the form of security gates which can be monitored and operated remotely. This not only makes life easier for staff, but also means that they can potentially be opened and/or closed much more quickly if need be.

[edit] Effective access management is essential for GDPR compliance

One of the most basic and fundamental principles of GDPR is the concept of “privacy by design”.

Essentially, this means that the need for privacy (and hence data security) should be built into everything an organisation does and that certainly includes the level of physical security applied to their business premises as good digital security rests on good physical security.

For the sake of completeness, even if you are a totally cloud-based business, you still need effective physical security to stop an intruder from gaining access to your cloud platform through breaching your on-site equipment and uncovering the necessary passwords.

It is also worth noting that most businesses are probably going to have data which falls outside of the scope of GDPR (which only applies to personal data) but which they still want (or need) to protect. Again, this requires effective physical security.

[edit] Effective access controls keep staff and the public safe

There are all kinds of ways in which effective access controls promote the safety and well-being of both your staff and the public.

In this context, the term “the public”, applies to anyone on your premises who is not directly employed by you. So, even if you do not have access to the general public, you may still need to think about the safety of people such as facilities workers and delivery agents.

In addition to preventing malicious actors from finding their way into sensitive areas, effective access controls also stop people from wandering accidentally into areas where they might be at risk, for example, children deciding to explore commercial kitchens.

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