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Purchasing security gates and barriers


[edit] Introduction

Security barriers and gates, are some of the most commonly used access control solutions. When choosing the right security gate or barrier, there are a few simple questions that will help make a more informed decision about the specific gate or barrier required.

[edit] Level needed

The first, and perhaps most important question, is what level of security is required? The level of security needed will dictate the type of gate or barrier as well as what additional accessories could be purchased.

This will depend on a number of factors such as the current security systems and the risk of criminal activity in the area. It is best to conduct some research and ask the local authorities if necessary.

[edit] Available space

The next question revolves around available what space is available. This will determine the design specifications and the type of gate or barrier. For example a swing gate or barrier will require additional space to open fully, whereas a rising arm barrier requires less area.

[edit] Usage

The main purpose of security gates and barriers is to restrict unauthorised access, but authorised personnel will likely be using these systems regularly. The usage of a gate or barrier will dictate the type of gate or barrier. If access is required regularly, a system that allows the gate or barrier to open quickly and efficiently may be beneficial, or there may be a need for additional systems such as a pedestrian gates, turnstile or keypads.

[edit] Appearance

The aesthetics of security gates and barriers is important, and many businesses use their access control systems as a part of their brand image or advertising. Therefore it is important to ask what the gate/barrier should look like? Having them blend with their surroundings can be essential from a brand image point of view. This will also ensure that they don’t become an eyesore to the community you operate in.

[edit] Budget

Finally, the most obvious question is what is the budget? This can limit the options, so it is essential to shop around to obtain best value for your money whilst still ensuring premises remains safe and secure.

Ultimately each business will have their own specific needs for their security gates and barriers, and these questions are only the beginning. Other considerations include maintenance and support, staffing, signage, lighting, CCTV, alarm systems, emergancy provisions and so on.


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