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Benefits of a Glass Lift in Your Business

Lifts can be an essential part of the design of any business, especially when there are numerous floors with visitors and clients regularly visiting and embarking on this level change. The installation of a contemporary lift can not only make day to day life in your business much easier, but it can also add a touch of style and a certain executive feel to the space.

In particular, a glass lift could bring huge benefits to your business, creating a stunning aesthetic for any building such as a hotel, a multi storey office block or any other establishment. But how can a glass lift really make a difference to your business?

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[edit] Mood Booster

Attracting daylight into your building can be a big mood booster in any office or work and commercial environment, with much research backing this up. It has been shown that more daylight can affect our mental and physical health as well as being as a possible mood booster, therefore when your employees or guests step into a glass lift, you could put them in a great mood, making for an encouraging start for a positive meeting or general work day.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference, allowing your guests to step into a bright and airy glass lift rather than the darker, metallic ones could be the boost to securing a happy visitor or staff member.

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[edit] Be Green and Save Money

A lift which doesn't need artificial lighting naturally uses more electricity, and while any lift needs electrics to be powered, you won’t have to keep the lights switched on in your glass lift all day. Not only does the amount of light coming into the lift improve your mood whilst providing an easy way to get you to your floor, it can also save your business money in the long run and create a better carbon footprint overall.

Some businesses have even said that they can shave 20% off lighting and ventilation costs in a typical commercial company by using more glass.

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[edit] Aesthetic and Design

Not only is there financial, health and mood benefits, but another upside is the design of the glass lift. They certainly don’t lack style, and with a minimalistic and sleek approach to design it is sure to please everyone. Whether a more traditional styled building or a modern property, a glass lift can fit in anywhere, as its transparent material blends in, becoming part of any architecture.

Not only is the cabin not intrusive to any design, but with many glass lifts you can see the mechanism of the lift, which offers more of an intriguing and exciting journey for the observer.

A glass lift is no doubt a thing of luxury, and whether you have a five-star establishment or a standard office space, an investment as such is sure to amp up the exclusive VIP feel. Luxury interiors deserve a lift to reflect this, however any location can have an extra wow added by the addition of a glass or scenic lift.

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[edit] Transparent Location

Certain locations call for the journey in a lift to be more than its explicit aim, especially when your building reaches high up, beyond skyscrapers. It’s not just your lift which deserves the centre of attention from guests, but also the landscape and views. Whether in the middle of the countryside or amongst the depths of the cityscapes, a glass lift makes for the perfect scene viewer, providing all customers, clients, visitors, and staff a place to not only make a simple journey but to marvel in the stunning surroundings.

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[edit] Customer Experience

Within business, customer experience is everything, from the moment they step in the building to the moment they sit in your reception, with the journey to another floor being no exception. A glass lift supplies your customers with a true experience boosting their mood and setting the standard for the rest of their time visiting your establishment.

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At Axess2, we pride ourselves on manufacturing a range of different glass lift models. Our three glass lifts consist of the Hydraulic 500 (Rafael), the Traction 400 (Leonardo) and the Traction 600 (Galileo). All of which have separate yet distinctive design and style features & finishes, bespoke and tailored to your business’s needs. We believe that the installation of a glass lift within your business can truly set the bar high, and make way for your company to strive in a luxury environment, creating an enjoyable atmosphere for all to appreciate.

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