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Exterior wall


[edit] Introduction

An exterior wall typically forms part of the building envelope and so separates the accommodation inside from that outside. Its main function is to provide:

In loadbearing construction such as masonry, the exterior wall may also provide support to the combined dead, imposed and wind loads of the roof and floor construction and convey them to the foundations. This is in addition to the wall’s own combined loads.

In a framed structure, the external walls are usually non-loadbearing and are therefore relieved of any upper floor and roof loadings. However, they are normally self-supporting and are designed to resist wind loads, prevent the spread of fire and accommodate thermal movements.

[edit] Materials

Exterior walls can be made of a wide variety of materials either singly or in combination with other materials. These can include:

[edit] Construction systems used to build exterior walls

Various construction systems can be used to build an external wall, including:

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