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4 types of lifts in various buildings and houses

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[edit] Introduction

When you think of a high rise building, the first thought that crosses your mind is the beauty and sustainability of the structure. But when you are told to go to the 22nd floor of the same building, the only thing you will think of is a lift to take you up there. Had there been no lifts, our lives would have been enormously difficult.

With skyscrapers coming up everywhere, be it our lavish apartments or the giant corporate offices, it would have been practically impossible for anyone to utilised them as without lifts in these huge buildings, no one would dare to climb up the stairs till the last floor. These lifts are a blessing in disguise for anyone and everyone. Imagine you are already running late for your meeting and then you would have to climb the stairs up to the 8th floor. It would be nothing less than a nightmare!

These days, all the buildings with a minimum of six floors surely have a lift. You may find it in buildings with a lesser number of stories as well. All hospitals and other public places have elevators installed in them to make the movement of general public easier. You see, lifts have become an essential part of our lives.

Let’s have a look at various types of lifts available with The Chiltern Lift that are used according to the building.

[edit] Passenger lifts

Passenger lifts are the most common type of lifts that you will get to see. These are the lifts that are installed in your apartments or offices. You will get to look at these lifts in any building that has more than six stories. Passenger lifts come in various sizes and can also be personalised according to the customer.

[edit] Goods carrier or cargo lifts

These lifts are specially designed for carrying the load from one floor to another. This kind of lifts is installed in factories, construction sites, various other commercial establishments where you need to keep transporting heavy load from one place to another.

These lifts are mounted in a separate area, maybe in a lobby away from the common workspace. The primary purpose of these lifts is to cut down on the foot traffic and make the work proceed faster. Many corporate buildings also have these lifts as there is a considerably large movement of goods there.

[edit] Double purpose lifts

These are the lifts that suffice both the purpose. They are meant for carrying goods as well as moving people from one floor to the other. Like the goods lifts, they are also set up in a ‘lift lobby’.

These lifts are wider than the passenger lifts so that they can carry more people and also facilitate the transport of goods within the building. Such lifts can be seen in hospitals, huge corporate offices, shopping malls, and in all places where there is higher footfall and also the movement of goods is more and in a larger quantity.

[edit] Residential lifts

As the name suggests, these lifts are installed in the residence of the customer. Also known as domestic lifts, these lifts are designed to enable people to move between the various floors of their house. One category of residential lifts, the stairway lift allow people to come down from the stairs if the person is unable to do due to some disability.

These lifts a fitted along with a staircase, like a chair sliding down along with the stairs and can be remotely controlled. Residential lifts are smaller as compared to regular ones, generally allowing only two to four people at a time. Such lifts can be present both inside and outside the house, depending upon the will and needs of the customer.