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What Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Floor Plan?

Real estate floor plans offer a creative visualization to designers, contractors, and even homeowners of how their plans will move through space. They constitute a crucial part of home construction and like everything else, they are prone to mistakes that could lead to dissatisfaction with the outcome. Here's my list of the potential mistakes to look out for in case of a floor plan.

Floor Plan Mistakes to Avoid

1. Architectural features costing too much in the future - Getting fancy latest architectural advancements like floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights for your dream home might be giving you a thrill, for now, they will also shoot up your electric bills and maintenance charges. So take your pick wisely and ensure green cost savings on your real estate floor plan itself.

2. Not considering the safety of little ones - You need to plan the safety of your children right into your house floor plan itself which means modifying modern architectural amenities like low railing wider balconies, stairs without railings, expansive glass shower enclosures into kid-friendly features. These might appease the adults but can easily become a hazard for your kids.

3. Insufficient room sizes - Yes, it is possible to miss out on one of the crucial aspects of analysing the dimensions of all the rooms in your floor plans. Understand the dimensions after the relevant sized furniture is moved in and plan this in your house floor plan itself. Take ideas from your existing furniture and walking space to know if it works.

4. Not considering the furniture size or storage space - Wouldn't it be a nightmare if you had to discard all your beautiful furniture from the old place if it didn't fit in the new house? That can happen if you forget to consider the dimensions of the furniture when making up your house floor plan. People even forget incorporating storage spaces into their floor plans regretting that later on. Measure all the pieces of furniture and extra space and get them incorporated into your floor plan.

5. Inappropriate window placement - This might seem like a minor aspect when looking at a 2-D real estate floor plan but it makes a significant amount of difference in your home in real. Appropriate window placements can not only give you a beautiful view but save you energy costs as well by keeping your house well-lit naturally. Make sure most of your windows face south or southwest over the darkness in the evenings without the need for light fixtures.

6. Not considering garage placement - Lastly, it is crucial to take into account little everyday tasks like the ease of carrying groceries to the kitchen when your garage is next door to it when placing your garage into your house floor plan. A garage is a huge storage space for most of your household tools like lawnmowers, pressure washers, ladders, etc. that are too unpleasant for both residents and visitors. Plan your garage placement well in advance.

Consider even the minute of details when finalizing your floor plan and avoid these costly and supremely uncomfortable mistakes from seeping into it. Don't shy away from taking professional help if you need it and remember your real estate property will come only as true to your expectations as carefully you work on your floor plans.

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