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Decorating a newly built home

Decorating a new home begins with getting to know the space. Taking measurements and making notes is a good way to understand the shape and size of the rooms.

These measurements may dictate the need for new furniture that will be suitable, Matching the scale of furniture to the scale of a room is critical. A floor plan based on these meaurements may be a helpful step in the decorating process.

There are three common kinds of suitable home lighting - ambient, task and accent.

Ambient lighting or general lighting illuminates an entire space while task lighting or focused lighting is used for certain activities. Lastly, accent lighting highlights specific features in a room. It is sometimes beneficial to combine all these types of lighting to make the space fit for purpose.

A new home can be decorated in a manner that suits the style of the people who live there. Questions about atmosphere and usage will determine furniture and design style. For instance, the home decoration of someone who regularly hosts large dinner parties will be different from the home of someone who eats out at restaurants every night.

Small design touches in room can help provide a well thought-out and finished look. Soft furnishings, artworks, plants, window dressings and vases can add colour and texture to a space.

Hardwood floors, area rugs, cane furniture and wicker baskets can also add texture and create a more natural look. Mixing design pieces made from different materials can help soften a new-build home’s basic look.

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