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Strategic brief for construction projects

The client's strategic brief is part of an ongoing process to define the client's requirements:

The strategic brief may begin as a development of the information in the statement of need and preliminary business case.

It is the client's first attempt to write a brief for the project and should describe requirements and significant constraints in as much detail as possible. It should focus on what the project needs to achieve rather than prescribing potential solutions.

In the first instance, the strategic brief may be used to help define the scope of services that will be required from consultants (or independent client advisers in the public sector).

The strategic brief should then be developed with the benefit of input from those consultants (or independent client advisers) to provide sufficient information for feasibility studies to be undertaken and options assessed.

It is important however, that the strategic brief remains a client document, 'owned' by the client, setting out the client's requirements and bought into throughout the client organisation. Its development may require specialist advice (such as space planning advice), but is is not the designers view of what they think the client wants. The designers view of what the client wants is the design, not the strategic brief.

A thorough strategic brief can take a considerable time to develop and is prepared through a process of:

The strategic brief may include:

Wherever possible, information in the strategic brief should be provided in a format that will be easy to use and interrogate during the development of the project and in the operation of the completed built asset, for example, spreadsheets scheduling existing accommodation, 3D laser surveys, and so on.

Specialist formats, some native file formats and even PDF’s may not be genuinely usable by an employer, that is, it may not be possible for the employer to interrogate or modify the information that they contain.

NB The RIBA Plan of Work 2013 defines the strategic brief as: 'The brief prepared to enable the Strategic Definition of the project. Strategic considerations might include considering different sites, whether to extend, refurbish or build new and the key Project Outcomes, as well as initial considerations for the Project Programme and assembling the project team.'

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Architects should also consider:

General research on the project site - previous planning history, site boundary etc.

Understand the client's budget and programme

Legals - TPOs, easements

Spec required - ultimate end user, visit previous projects by the client / architect

Schedule - how much space is required

Appointment of further consultants

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