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Procurement plan

Procurement is the complete process of acquiring the right goods and services under specific conditions to satisfy a requirement. In the context of designing and constructing buildings, a procurement plan is the result of a process that involves deciding what to buy, when to buy it, how, and from whom.

On a typical building project, the items that need to be procured is very long and detailed. Not properly managing this list could mean higher costs and a longer project duration. It is the responsibility of the procurement manager to manage all procurement activities that fall under the project.

The procurement plan is an important document as it establishes the procurement framework for the project and throughout the project becomes a guide (which can be amended) for procurement management.

A procurement plan can include:

A typical procurement plan will list the items required and alongside each item will be the justification (i.e the reason it is needed e.g ‘required to attach trim to fascia’ etc) and the date it is needed by. In addition to the list of items, the procurement plan may also mention those individuals who are authorised to approve purchases on behalf of the project team.

Procurement planning is important because it:

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