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Seven tips for designing a safe, efficient and comfortable family kitchen

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After the family room, the kitchen is one of the most used places of a house. From its core functionality of being the space for cooking food, to a practical place for washing utensils and dishes to an area where the family gets together and sits for a hearty meal. It is one of the most popular sociable spaces of the house.

Being the center of activity, comfort, and togetherness, the kitchen should be the cleanest, well-kept and well designed. So, if you are planning a new kitchen or thinking of a redoing the old one, here are the 7 tips to design a safe, efficient and a comfortable kitchen for a family home-


[edit] 1. Overall Layout

As the kitchen is the place with fire, sharp gadgets and constant movement, it is important to have a right layout for it. Thus, comes the ‘Golden Triangle' which involves the stone and oven, the refrigerator and the sink, the three points to be in proximity to each other i.e. at most three meters away. As people working in this space frequently move in these areas thus, the accessibility of all three should be of prime consideration in the layout process.

[edit] 2. Island Design

The island acts as a showstopper of the kitchen . Therefore, when choosing the right design for it, be mindful of its utilitarian intent and to not just make it an attractive piece of the kitchen. This place can be the center for entertaining guests and thus, should be spacious, with comfortable seating. Being accessible from all sides, the island can be of great convenience when serving food. It can also be used for additional storage space with drawers and cabinets fitted thereby, keeping the countertop clear of appliances and giving the kitchen a neat and tidy look. Depending on the size of the kitchen you can choose from popular kitchen island designs like the peninsula or U-shaped that is accessible from one end of the L-shaped or island layout, a good option because of it being approached from all sides.

[edit] 3. Safe appliances

It is important to choose safe appliances for your kitchen especially, with a house with children. Therefore, when selecting hobs, select induction hobs over the gas ones as it has no flame, and the surface remains cool during the cooks. Also, make sure they are energy efficient, ultra-quick and safe. As these hobs come with the essential safety locks, they are a good choice for families with young kids. Similarly, a safe oven should be well insulated and should not warm up the oven door from the heat. Likewise, get a built-in a microwave as opposed to having it on the countertop. This will keep away from any accidents as there will be no dangling of electrical cords. As the protection in the kitchenette is primary for anyone that works or uses it, pick the right and safe appliances.

4. Flooring ==

The kitchen flooring is often neglected in the designing of a kitchen. But, being the part of the kitchen that will be judged the most in terms of taking the heat pressure and its durability it has to complement the overall design. Therefore, remember these factors when deciding on the flooring-

  • Maintenance- The best kitchen floor is the one that needs the least care. To keep it tidy, all one needs to do is a wipe and mop and it is cleaned.
  • Durability– As heat from cooking and spills are a part of daily kitchen activity, therefore, select a durable floor that is long-lasting and does not need repair or replacement for an extended period. This means, even if you need to shell out extra money, do it now.
  • Appearance– Since, the kitchen will be a busy place, give the floor the style and look that goes well with the surroundings and the appliances.

Therefore, for the flooring, the options are the classic hardwood floors that gives the kitchen a warm look are durable. Stone or tile too is a good option and are available in different colors and styles. For the budgeted look, vinyl flooring is good as it too adds to the aesthetic of the kitchen.

[edit] 5. Storage

Having enough storage capacity in the kitchen is integral especially, with the open kitchen being a norm. Having sufficient drawers and cabinets makes for good storage space and even gives the kitchen a neat and less congested look. The deep drawers can be used for storing pots and pans while the shallow ones for cutlery. It is recommended having a separate drawer for sharp gadgets like knives, blades, cutters, etc. Also, having corner cabinets is a good idea as they maximize the usable space of the corner and can store things like spices, containers, etc. Also, have few locked cupboards for breakable items and also, for hazardous items like cleaning products under the sink.

[edit] 6. Lighting

The fundamental of designing a kitchen is keeping it well lit. Lighting is necessary for smooth functioning as well as for the overall ambience. Therefore, along with artificial light have a source of natural light that can enter through the kitchen windows and glass doors. If possible, have them over the sink or the preparation area. Task lighting is important in a kitchen hence, have ceiling lighting for overall light; display or targeted lighting to illuminate a particular object or space like the glass-fronted cabinets and large chandler fixture over the dining table. Lights over cooktops or work surfaces should be direct and not create annoying shadows. It is advisable to have LED lights as it is far more energy efficient and provides an identical light as compared to Halogen.

[edit] 7. Electrical outlet

Another important point of consideration in the kitchen design is to have plenty of wall sockets. These are essential as kitchen gadgets keep upgrading and with smart technology in the kitchen making life easier buying them in something that will be ongoing. For instance, from making coffee on a stove to now using a new coffee maker that has a cord will require a plug point. Thus, we suggest have sufficient plug points.

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So, follow the seven tips and design a kitchen that not only looks good but also, is safe, secure efficient and comfortable.

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