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Microsoft's six ways to supercharge project management


[edit] Introduction

Microsoft offers six ways firms can 'supercharge' their project management using the latest project planning, management and optimisation capabilities. An integrated, end-to-end project solution, it is claimed, can keep projects, resources and teams organised and on track. It can offer:

Microsoft claims that the following six ways can make projects more productive:

[edit] Make tools easy to use

This may be facilitated by:

  • Project templates. Pre-populated plans for common project types of projects which are customisable.
  • Connectivity to favourite apps, eg, the ability to export data to Excel.
  • Smart automation: identifying and automating routine operations to minimise errors and increase efficiency.

[edit] Provide insight for data-driven decisions

The ability to mine, analyse and present rich data gives project managers and other stakeholders instant access to critical information that supports decision-making:

[edit] Foster collaboration

Project management solutions should provide team members with integrated collaboration tools to help them exchange ideas and develop their full creative potential:

[edit] Give users access

For mobile and global teams, project management solutions should provide access anytime and anywhere. This can be facilitated by a cloud-based solution to:

  • Provide easy team access to documents from any device.
  • Seamless workflow, allows users to work on the latest version from different devices.
  • Real-time updating allows updates to be submitted ‘on the go’.
  • Team-wide visibility means updates can be seen as soon as they are made.

[edit] Take control of resources

Best-in-class project management solutions should offer the following critical resource management functions:

  • Provide a systematic process for requesting resources can be essential to the smooth flow of project planning and maintenance.
  • Quickly identify overused and underused resources to optimise assignments.
  • Compare resources across standard data and forecast projected usage to monitor progress and address concerns before they become bottlenecks.
  • Group all potential project resources into a single view, so that resource managers can build best-fit teams.

[edit] Make it professional

Project management solutions should provide sophisticated tools, reliability and security. No matter the size of the company, a cloud-based solution offers access to enterprise-level security, along with the intelligence of the cloud.

The following professional-level capabilities may be considered when solutions are being evaluated:

  • Ask about uptime performance and verify the supplier provides an uptime service-level agreement. Also look for continuous data backup, disaster recovery and globally redundant datacentres.
  • The solution adopted should have separate functionality for IT and management, so everyone can focus on the tasks most important to them.
  • Depending on needs, verify that the system complies with industry standards used worldwide.

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