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Low cost home improvements


[edit] Introduction

If you are planning to sell your home, first you must roll up your sleeves and conduct a few value-boosting upgrades. However, these upgrades must be cheap, easy and quick.


[edit] Cut energy costs

Energy-saving and energy-efficiency are one of the key elements that will attract buyers to your property. The best way to reduce energy waste is to have an energy audit undertaken. This way, you’ll know exactly which parts of your home need to be updated and make more energy-efficient. In the long run, having an eco-friendly and sustainable home is a very marketable asset.

[edit] Improve air quality

Aside from being green, new home buyers pay a lot of attention to their health and wellbeing. So, you might want to provide your buyers with a healthy environment by investing in your indoor air quality. Luckily, today you can find very efficient air purifiers that will rid your air of pollen, dust, dust mites, pet dander and even smoke and other odours. Your kitchen must also be well-equipped with things like natural ventilation and a quality extract hood.

Update your bathroom.jpeg

[edit] Update your bathroom

No matter how small, bathroom updates can be cost-effective. Even if you don’t want to invest in a full remodel, you can always replace things like light fixtures, appliances and outdated wallpaper as well as doing some re-grouting. These little touch-ups will not break your bank but certainly catch your client’s eye.

[edit] Paint

Certainly one of the simplest, cheapest and quickest yet most cost-effective home improvement projects is repainting. Rooms painted with a modern and crisp colour will instantly look more attractive, airy and comfortable. And, painting is relatively easy to do yourself. Pro tip: when choosing your hues, opt for something neutral that will look modern and appealing to most home buyers.

[edit] Ceilings

When renovating, not many people remember to look up. However, an interesting accent ceiling can really leave an impression with buyers and set your property apart from the competition. There are so many ideas you can utilise, so pick something simple yet interesting and give your ceilings a new life.

[edit] Modernize your kitchen

Modernize your kitchen.jpeg

Any sort of upgrade counts when it comes to kitchens. You don’t have to go all-in in order to maximise your home’s value, but some kitchen work is definitely needed. You can start by replacing one appliance and one fixture (your ancient microwave and your stained sink for instance). These are not very expensive but leave a big impression.

[edit] Lighting

As little as £100 can give you some new lighting fixtures that will illuminate your home and make everyone who steps into your home feel welcome and comfortable. Also, don’t forget to replace your old bulbs with some energy-efficient LEDs and invest in some dimmers.

[edit] Replace worn-out carpets

Replace worn-out carpets.jpeg

Are your rugs and carpets worn-out, stained and outdated? Nothing will turn off your buyers more than the thought they will have to invest in new soft flooring as soon as they move in. It’s best to replace all carpets and rugs, but if you can’t, just concentrate on rooms that see the most traffic. These rooms usually leave the best impressions with customers, so pay special attention to them.

[edit] Plant a tree

No matter if you’re selling your house today or plan to do so in the future, it’s always a good idea to invest in landscaping. A beautiful shade tree will make your home much more desirable when it matures and starts providing your buyers with cooling shade. Plus, trees are great for the environment, they provide a home for wildlife and add valuable curb appeal to your property.

[edit] Clean up your lawn

Patchy and overgrown laws, outsized bushes and wilted flowers will definitely make your property stand out - but not in a good way. Luckily, cleaning up your landscaping isn’t too hard. A few hundred pounds will get you a whole crew of gardeners to trim your lawn, shape your bushes and tend to your flowers.

You can leave your sledgehammers and any sort of heavy tools! You don’t have to do any major renovations in order to add some value to your property. If you follow these tips listed above, you will definitely attract the right kind of buyers who are willing to pay well for your gorgeous home.

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