Last edited 21 Jan 2016

5 most demanding construction projects in history


There are some stunning architectural masterpieces, mega-structures and dramatic skylines across the world, from the Roman Colosseum to the Sky Tower in Abu Dhabi.

The construction projects included in this list were built without the modern-day technologies such as bulldozers, diggers and drills, and yet they have lasted for hundreds of years, are wonderfully complex, incredibly sophisticated, and for their time, innovative.


[edit] The Roman Colosseum

An incredible structure most likely built after a military triumph by the Romans. The Colosseum's capacity is believed to have reached 80,000 spectators, which is on-par with some of the most substantial sporting venues in the world today. Despite the Romans advanced engineering capabilities, this was a construction that would prove to be an enormous undertaking. It became the longest construction project in Roman history, incorporating a system of underground tunnels and hydraulics mechanisms.

[edit] The Great Pyramid of Giza

One of the world’s most glorious constructions and arguably the most famous building on the planet, the ancient Great Pyramid of Giza was built for the Pharaoh Khufu around 2,550BC. It took around 20 years to finish and became the tallest structure in the world until the building of the Eiffel Tower. The surrounding pyramids create an astonishingly accurate alignment with the stars, making this construction truly unique.

[edit] York Minister Cathedral

York Minister cathedral proved to be one of the most demanding constructions in British history. Construction began in 1220 at the hands of Archbishop Walter de Gray and it wasn’t finished until an incredible 272 years later. It contains the oldest medieval stain glass windows in the world and was constructed entirely using medieval equipment and techniques.

[edit] Stonehenge

There is still huge uncertainty surrounding the purpose of Stonehenge. It is 5,000 years old and one of the most incredible construction projects in the world for its Neolithic history and unique structural plan. Each stone weighs nearly four tons and would have been dragged nearly 240 miles from southern Wales to its final resting place in Wiltshire. It is difficult to imagine how much man power and time was needed to complete such an incredible construction project.

Despite its purpose being relatively unknown, it aligns perfectly with solar movements and is a hugely popular tourist destination on the summer and winter solstices.

[edit] The Great Wall of China

The undisputed construction project of all time, construction of the Great Wall was started around 2,000 years ago, and it remained in the construction phase well into the 16 century AD.

The Great Wall is believed to have previously been built separately for different dynasties throughout the centuries. It stretches over 4,160 miles and has been guarded in the past by over a million individuals, while between 2 and 3 million men are believed to have died during its construction.

It protected the northern border of China from Nomadic invaders and was very much a symbol of imperial power and military strength. It is by far the world’s most substantial construction project.