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Social distancing on construction sites

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Reactec SafeDistance is wearable tech that alerts workers when they violate safe distancing guidelines.


[edit] Introduction

Social distancing is a concept that has existed for several decades. As a health and safety concept, the phrase is associated with physical proximity requirements as they relate to the prevention of the spread of contagious illnesses. It has become a part of 'normal' life since the detection of COVID-19 in Wuhan City in December 2019 and the subsequent introduction of lockdown measures in the UK on 23 March 2020.

[edit] Government recommendations

On construction sites, social distancing guidelines from the Government make recommendations for:

For more on these guidelines, see Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19).

[edit] Practising social distancing on construction sites

Many techniques and devices have emerged to improve social distancing on site, including both low and high tech measures.

Low tech measures include:


ProGlove app pairs with barcode scanners to create an alert when social distancing measures are violated.

High tech tools include:

  • Alternatives to locks and alarm systems that require keypads.
  • Wearable wristwatch devices that use Bluetooth technology to monitor proximity and alert workers and their managers when social distancing requirements have been violated.
  • Software that can assist with contact tracing should a worker develop or demonstrate symptoms associated with a contagious illness.
  • Apps paired with barcode scanners that alert workers when they come within close proximity of each other.
  • Rechargeable tags that attach to belts, protective head coverings or lanyards and issue an alert when two people wearing the tags come within two metres of each other.

Some of these devices were already being used on construction sites for other purposes, they have just been redesigned to assist with social distancing.

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