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Project lifecycle for major road projects


[edit] Introduction

The project control framework (PCF) is a joint Department for Transport and Highways Agency approach to managing major projects, which comprises:

  • A standard project lifecycle.
  • Standard project deliverables.
  • Project control processes.
  • Governance arrangements.

The project lifecycle for major road projects is set out in the project control framework Handbook v2 April 2013.

Once initiated a project enters the major projects lifecycle which breaks down the three phases of the project control framework into seven stages shown below:

[edit] Major projects lifecycle

[edit] Pre-project

0: Strategy, shaping and prioritisation

[edit] Options phase

1: Option identification

  • Identify options to be taken to public consultation.
  • Assess options in terms of environmental impact, traffic forecasts and economic benefits.
  • Refine the cost estimate of options (including an allowance for risk).

2: Option selection

[edit] Development phase

3: Preliminary design

4: Statutory procedures and powers

  • Publish notice of acceptance of Planning Act 2008 draft development consent order and application (or notice of draft Highways Act 1980 orders if the scheme is below the threshold for a NSIP) and environmental statement as appropriate (exhibitions may be considered for Highways Act 1980 orders).
  • Arrange public inquiry for Highways Act 1980 orders (if required).
  • Under the Planning Act 2008 the Planning Inspectorate will decide on the preliminary meeting and examination of the application for development consent. We will need to register and comment as an interested party (the developer).
  • Present evidence and rebuttals to objections for Highways Act 1980 orders at inquiry.
  • The Planning Inspectorate panel or inspector will make recommendations to the Secretary of State.
  • Issue secretary of state‚Äôs decision letter confirming whether orders/development consent are to be confirmed as published in draft, rejected or amended.

5: Construction preparation

[edit] Construction phase

6: Construction, commissioning and handover

7: Closeout

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