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Business resilience

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[edit] Introduction

In 2020 the double whammy of a coronavirus pandemic and an indeterminate prediction of the outcome of Brexit negotiations has led to a new consideration in boardrooms up and down the country. The word on directors’ lips is “resilience”.

Building resilience into an organisation requires focus in three distinct areas:

[edit] Strategy at corporate level

[edit] Day-to-day operational policies

[edit] Workforce adaptability

There is every chance that 2020 will be seen as disastrous, but the subsequent recovery will kick start a number of innovations and changes to working practices. Artificial Intelligence, the internet of things and smart buildings are likely to feature in technical advancement but the coronavirus pandemic has shown up a number of weaknesses that will need addressing and moreover it has caused people to re-evaluate their lifestyle. This will force cultural change to the working environment. Shorter working hours, improved productivity through technology and a greater respect for the environment could herald a new dawn. It is an opportunity to reset the clock.

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